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IBD colonoscopy site..

I have found this site for a friend who recently had a colonoscopy and found it to be remarkable in answering alot of questions most people have on here and where to seek information of ALL IBD scopes and cam results and so much more. You may find it helpful and interesting and know how to understand results and what to ask in the future colonoscopies.

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Nancy Lee
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That's great Pen!!
Very informative!!
Thank you so much!
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David in Seattle
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Terrific site, thanks.
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Crohn's 35
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Thanks!! Last year at this time I had a sigmoid and was in the hospital, and I wished to God I found this site because my Gi said colitis and I was so upset and found out later the biopsy said "gastro bug".... this site would of eased my mind!
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Wow, I've just seen pictures just like mine on the capsule endoscopy section.

Slightly worried by the fact that the one of the stenosis of the ileum is also just like my pictures where the pillcam was delayed for several hours.

I do hope it is an inflammatory stricture not scarring.
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I know!!! It has every scope imaginable, I wished computers were around when I had my earlier scopes, this would of made me understand alot more!

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