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So the name's Jennnnnnnn

well i was officially diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in September of 05, but ive been dealing with it since Feb. or March of last early 05 but i guess i just ignored it. that is until it got unbarable. I remember it was the saturday before school started back up and i was with my friend shopping and so excited to get bak with my friends and all. well i remember feeling so sick and then i started bleeding badly and going a whole lot.automatically a red flag went off in my head. well my dr. kept writing it off as a bacterial infection which i was almost possitive it wasnt and i told him that but he wouldnt listen. well about a month later i was so weak i could barely like stand. i was getting paler and paler sicklier and sicklier and thinner and thinner- i was normally not much over 100 pounds anyway but then i just looked sickly. well he sent me to a specialst who after a colonoscopy diagnosed me with UC. she put me on asacol and flagil-an antibiotic which i now hate! well it was not enough if i ever wanted to stop bleeding. well soon after than she put me on the highest dose of prednizone possible.that took a few months for my body to even respond to, but after it did the bleeding eventually stopped. well prednizone is totally evil tho and i hate it. i also hate the side affects and the fact that it weakens ur immune system. Thanx to the prednizone I soon got protussis or whoopin cough(what A great christmas present!) well i didnt even kno that is wat i had till around late january. well in early february thanx to the protussis i got shingles just in time for my birthday!haha wat a great present....not...well rite after that it wouldve been the week i was officially in remmission but im assuming all the stress from all that sickness i started bleeding again. i was then upped on my asacol and put on two canassas a day(a suppostory thing) well i did stop bleeding after much drama and just as the colitis was finally getting under control i began to throw up horribly. it got to the point that i couldnt even keep down water. my dr. assumed i was severly dehydrated and i went to the hospital to find out i had pancreatitus(this was just last month) well that was no fun. i was there eight days and it scared me because i wasnt really doing any better they just for legal reasons couldnt put the iv back in or something. well they had taken me off the asacol because they think that caused the pancreatitus, and had put me on the capsul version of asacol which is colazol. that also scared me because i figured it would just do the same thing. and it did. i was hospitalized for another week(this was just two weeks ago) and then they were even gonna do a picc line but decided against it because with that u cant eat or anything and my body hadnt responded to any medicine almost threw the iv so they were worried it wouldnt work and i still think it probably wouldntve. well in between my hospital visits they had to take me off of all of my colitis medicine and they feared i would begin bleeding again and put me on an extremely low dose of prednizone. which i was so upset about even tho i havent had any side affedcts i still hate prednizone! well now the pancreatitus is all better, but ive been having bad diarrhea again and im so scared because i have no maintance drug anymore and if i start bleeding they will probly go the prednizone route and i dont want that!i just hope this goes into remission so i can actually enjoy my summer. ive missed over eighty days of school, and the only thing that saved me from being kicked out was the fact that i make straight a's. but i stil ldont kno how im going to pass considering how far behind i am. i have also had a kidney stone this yr which was no fun! and inflamation of the eye. but yeah thats me! lol
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Oh Jen looks like you have had it tough... I have had to handle shingles to from the 6mp and other problems i wont go into cause this isnt about me. Its good that you are still doing well at school considering all thats going on. I hope things start to improve for you. Anyway welcome to the site and please keep us posted.

All the best
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thanx kate and i hope ur doing well too. id love to hear about ur story and stuff and if u want u can always message me or soemthing
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Thanks for sharing that Jenni. It does seem like you have had a really hard time and I just hope that you really can enjoy the summer. I was dealing with my condition at the end of highschool (grade 12) and just had surgery now in my first year of university, so I know the challenges that are there with school and the disease. If you have not already currently, you should have your doctor write a note to the school outlining what has happened with you due to your condition and how it has made school next to impossible. This should help you in getting the school to better accomodate you. I was able to be excused from writing all my final exams of grade 12 due to my condition. Even in university I have gotten notes from my doctor and gastroenterologist whenever I have been in the hospital as further proof of the change in my condition. I missed practically the whole second semester of first year uni, but was able to be accomodated so that I can write all the final exams I missed in the summer (and some will have to be next year, but at least I do not miss out on the year). I really did not go to school at all, except for tests (and even then I was not able to go for all of them). Just do not worry at all about school (stress does not help anything) and just try and see what accomodations you can get from the school. Your good marks should be enough to give you some lee-way in negotiating accomodations.

Please keep us all updated on how things go.
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Jen! Thanks for sharing your story with us. You certainly are a strong person to be able to deal with all of that! Keep fighting! You'll conquer this disease eventually! Don't stress over obviously have the intelligence (straight As while dealing with all that? WOW!) and stress is the LAST thing you need.
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thanx guys its really cool to like talk to ppl who kno how i feel! and yeah im not even worried bout school for the most part cuz i just wanna get better at this point!lol
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It is so good to hear that Jenni. Health comes first always! School will always be there to finish up and it is not a race. Whether it takes 4 or 14 years you still leave with the same diploma.
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its really cool to like talk to ppl who kno how i feel!
Ain't it just the greatest?? I love it here! Just wanted to jump in and say Hello and

Hope to see you around the forum a lot in the near future.
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Welcome to the forum
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Hi Jenni
((((hugs)))))))) and a big
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Hi Jenni welcome to the site
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Hi Jenni

Welcom to the site, See you around

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Hye Jenni,

Thanks for posting your story, I know it can't be easy for you having do deal with so much. It sure isn't easy trying to do schooling and study when also having to deal with health issues. I hope you get some help from the school to help you get past exams etc.
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Good to have you with us Jenni, thanks for sharing your story!

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