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Liver enzymes and LDN

I've been on LDN for about a year and I have just recently stopped because my gastro thinks it is effecting my liver. I get all my blood tests and something certainly is.

I've also been diagnosed with psc which is a liver condition that I'm told often goes hand in hand with crohn's (I have crohn's)

My question is:

Has anyone else had difficulty with ldn and their liver? Have you found any work-arounds?
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D Bergy
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I take LDN but take it six days in a row, with two days off. Not so much because I was worried about it harming the Liver, but to keep from any build up, that would stop it from working properly.

I doubt that the LDN is the cause of the Liver disease, as it happens to others with Crohn's that do not take LDN, and the dosage is small. But, the LDN does have to be processed by the Liver, and would stress it to a small degree, and with an active Liver disease, that may cause problems. I do not have a solution for that, and it is an unfortunate situation for sure.

One thing that has been found to possibly cause scarring of the Liver in people with Fatty Liver is High Fructose Corn Syrup. The studies are preliminary, but since it is hardly a necessity to use the stuff, and it has no health benefits, I would eliminate it from your diet.

I have never heard of a case like this. Thank you for posting this for all of us who use LDN. I hope you can find a solution.

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D Bergy
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I just remembered something that may or may not be important.

When I had the Flu, and was taking LDN, my Liver enzymes shot up real high. The virus was the cause of the high enzymes, as they went down after I got over it.

I am sure you have had more than one test over time, and this is probably not the situation for yourself. I thought I would mention it, on the off chance this was a one time event.

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LDN is known to shoot up liver enzymes if combined with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs)

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