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adverse reactions?

has anyone here ever took Imuran and then things seemed to be going great for 12 hours-ish, then went into a flare up over drive gear?
*not sure if this is normal and the doc isn't talking with me, as he is out of the office and the office lady just keeps telling me "i can't give you any information, you will have to wait until the doctor is back tomorrow"*
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That doesn't seem likely unless you are allergic to the drug because it takes 3-4 months for Imuran to build up in your system. Usually symptoms won't show up for a while till it builds up. I would think at least a week or 2ish. I'm no doc though.
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Thank you. I'm thinking about calling my family doctor to ask her, since my gi doc isn't contactable and the office people don't know.
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The rare side effect of Pancreatitis can develop quickly. But like I said it is rare, and generally it's not like a flare. For me there was violent vomiting.
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