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Alternative to Prednisone?

I have really severe side effects from Prednisone, I was wondering if I have any alternatives?

I was recently hospitalized due to acid reflux the doctor said was caused by the Prednisone, I went in thinking I was having a heart attack the chest pain was so severe.

Any help would be appreciated.
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I haven't taken steroids yet, but if I have to, I would prefer Entocort. Entocort is a type of steroid that has a lot less side effects than pred. It is more localized being that it releases in the terminal ileum instead of through the blood stream like pred. Therefore, Entocort wouldn't be helpful if your Crohn's is located outside of the colon such as the small intestine. Also, it takes longer to work (a week or more), so if you need instant relief, you are best off with pred.

If you search entocort on the forum, numerous informative threads will turn up!

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Hi there, I was going to suggest the same as Jill, Entocort has alot less side effects. I too had severe chest pains too and ended up with a Hiatus Hernia. There are other drugs to explore like the biologics, methotrexate, to name a few. Btw I am hoping you have been taking lots of calcium and Vitamin d3. Prednisone and Nexium are calcium depleters, so take care of that. Also finding out Vitamin k and k2 help absorb the calcium too.

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