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Need Ideas-Starting Humira-Work with kids..

Ok so Im starting Humira today...4 loading doses. I just got over Strep and everyone around me is sick. I feel good now but Im so scared to start. How do I keep from getting sick? I work with 12 kids everyday....
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I've been on humira over a year now and had less colds and viruses than I used to. So don't panic, if you are worried take sensible precautions like washing your hands before eating/etc. If you do get an infection - high temperature, contact your GI/specialist nurse/general practitioner. It's not like you'll be the first person on Humira!
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Good luck Mary! Just think- a little stick once every couple weeks(after the loading doses, of course) and hopefully you'll be living a life with little-to-no symptoms. Definitely keep with the good hygiene and all should be fine!
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I agree. I have been on humira for about 4 years now and I rarely catch things anymore. I think you will be just fine
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Agreed with everyone else! I've been on Humira (plus AZA - so that's double a lowered immune system) for a year now and haven't had a single cold!

Wash your hands frequently. Maybe try to stay away from children's faces, so in case they sneeze/cough it won't be directly in your face. If a child has a noticeable sickness, there's nothing wrong with wearing a face mask for a while.

I would also make sure you are taking good supplements. A healthy dose of vitamin D, and C keeps your immune system strong enough to fight off normal things. Vitamin deficiencies can leave you susceptible to catching bugs more easily too, so supplements are a good idea.

Don't stress about it too much. Just focus on how AWESOME you are going to feel very soon!
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Like everyone else says; wash your hands, and don't worry about it too much. I work with 60 students from around the world, and they bring all kinds of germs with them when they start in September and when they return from Christmas break. I do catch the occasional cold, but nothing more than I used to before Humira.
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Humira only lowers one aspect of your immune system, instead of many like most crohns's drugs do. You may find yourself stronger than before actually. Try not to worry about it. I babysit kids, and my 3 year old goes to playgroup and I am just as able to fight colds as my husband and daughter.
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I have a preschool with 48 kids and I have been the healthiest out of everyone :-) I do take Primial Defense and Vitamins by Garden of life maybe that helps :-)
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I was so worried about this too, absolutely paranoid about getting sick. But so far, I've been around illnesses lots and haven't gotten sick myself!!! (knock on wood)
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Hey Mary! Just wanted to check in and see how things are going. I know a few days after you started Humira you said you could already tell a huge difference in the way you felt. Hope things are still going well.

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