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SCD Diet- Confused ?????

Hi guy's,

Just wondering if anyone has had personal experience on the SCD diet good or bad. I have been on the diet for the past few weeks now. But the problem is that I have been losing weight in the past few weeks also, despite eating a lot more to compensate for the lack of Carbs. Problem is that I cant tell if the weight loss is caused by the diet or the current tappering dose of Prednisolone i'm on which could be causing my metabolism to speed up causing the weight loss. Also I have been eating an SCD diet almond loaf, made from almond meal/flour, which helps add calories to the diet, but I've noticed that when I pass stool it is full of little almond meal grains (sorry about the detailed description), i'm not sure if that means that i'm just not absorbing the almond meal or that is just how it is supposed to come out My biggest concern is can this diet cause kidney and insulin problems. Anyone know the answer to any of these queries or has personal experience with this diet????
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I was on this diet for a very short time (2ish weeks) so really can not comment on many aspects as there were so many other issues going on with the disease I really am not sure what drug or treatment was responsible for what, if anything.

When decreasing prednisone, you can lose weight if you had gained some weight when at higher dosages. And if you change your diet then you can lose weight. If you also are not absorbing your food too well due to the disease you can also lose weight. So it is not always easy to determine what is helping or harming.

I would recommend trying to eat some more calorie rich foods that are allowed on the diet. Specifically, try eating more oils that are allowed, as they are basically fat. I believe canola and olive oil are both allowed. Also try eating some fattier foods that are allowed. I believe both avocados and coconut are allowed (more sure about avocados though) so try adding these to your diet if possible.

If weight loss ever becomes a big issue, then I would recommend at least seeing somoene who is knowledgable about SCD and IBD (like a nutritionist) to ensure you should stay on it. A diet like SCD is not worth stayin on if your weight drops to dangerously low levels.
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Thanx mikeyarmo I will try and increase my Fat and good oils and see if that helps.
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I've been on SCD for the past 4 years now. I'm on that, along with the Maker's Diet..

I find that SCD, after the first year or two, does help keep symptoms under control.

I still do suffer with Fistulas still, and some minor narrowing, but being on SCD is nice, because it does help to keep symptoms from coming back all the time.

Its not a replacement for routine doctors visits, medicine, or surgery, but it does help keep the effects of Crohn's from spreading, and returning all the time.

Alot of people claim that they can go off their meds after being on SCD.. I didn't find that to be true, I still do what my doctor says, and continue to take my meds as prescribed, so its not a replacement for those things by any means, but it does help, trust me..

It takes years to see real benefits, and you have to be sure to stay legal for those benefits to show up, and continue to show up, but once you do see improvement, it stays in remission for the most part, but if you stray away from it, symptoms come right back as they did before, so its very important to stick to it, if your going to go that route, because it isn't like a weight loss diet, where u can just go on it and off it whenever you want to.

Once you go off it and eat something illegal, your symptoms will come right back, so you have to be sure to stick to it, for it to work for you. Don't just "try it" for 6 months, and say "oh this isn't working I'll stop now" that isn't how SCD works... For it to work for you, you have to follow the diet plan exactally how it says to.. Once you eat something thats illegal, your symptoms will come back for short amounts of time, but as long as you stick to it, it does keep symptoms under control, it has for me.. but if I stray away from it for any reason, symptoms come RIGHT back, as soon as 1 crumb of bread in my mouth, literally THAT quick, but does it work? yes it does, but you have to stick to it, or it won't...

If your interested in it, and need some help and support with it, you can visit my forums at:

There, I keep a database of my favorite SCD recipes, along with a Meatloaf recipe that I came up with..
CD 12yrs, went off SCD after 6yrs too expensive, imuran 50mg/2day, thinking about Remicade again after on it 12mo 3 yrs ago, have all internal parts still besides appendix. diseased illeum, 9 diseased areas in large, narrowing where colon meets rectum, and severe Rectal Fistulas in the spincter muscle area where hemorrhoids normally are.

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Thanx bubazoo, I will try and stick with it as long as can and I will visit your forum for sure.
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babubazoo: I find it hard to believe that any effective treatment for Crohn's disease would take 6 months or longer to yield results. After looking at the SCD, it looks like quackery. I'll pass.

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