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Sore on tongue and mouth? New to me!!

Ok so I have had a sore tongue (or sore on my tongue) come and go now for a couple of weeks. Also in my mouth. Would the tongue sore be considered Crohn's related?
Mary Mack

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Could very well be. Cankers are part of it. Anything from your lips to your anus can be involved with this lovely condition.
I don't normally get cankers, I will get fever blisters though.
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Most likely yes. Here is a thread about mouth sores.......

Before Matt was diagnosed with CD he suffered with mouth ulcers which were successfully treated with B complex tablets.

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When im in a flare i get mouth ulcers quite bad, I use corsodyl mouthwash and bonjela
Meds :
Humira injections
5mg Prednisolone

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Hi Mary - I was just thinking about you today and wondering how you are doing!

I used to get tons of canker sores. TONS! This was right before my dx and I didn't realize at the time that they were Crohn's related. They can be super painful! There's lots of OTC remedies out there to deal with the pain.

- Amy
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I have a few canker sores crop up now and then on my tongue and in the far back of my throat. I agree with taking a B vitamin to help with the healing. I've also been recommended to use an alcohol-free mouthwash to gargle with. I use this on a daily basis and I have experienced fewer canker sores with quicker healing times.
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It's common with people that are on antibiotics for longer than usual. It's also common for colitis/crohns patients to be on antibiotics ;-)
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I would say it's probably crohn's related. My doc told me sores or the weird white stuff on your tongue is a sign of indigestion problems, *yay for crohn's*.

I remember when I was having a super bad flare I got DOZENS...yes, dozens, of canker sores. I went to the doc and she looked in my mouth and said (and I quote): "". I also get geographic tongue with my crohn's. You can get med paste from the drug store without a presciption to help (mine was cause orabase or something) and try an antiseptic mouthwash to help future cankers from popping up.
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