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Disability / Medicaid for Crohn's Disease

Does anyone know anything about getting on medicaid with Crohn's? It seems that only if your pregnant or a parent can you get on medicaid. i am uninsured, unemployed and have Crohn's. it seems I can get no federal help.
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I am currently getting long-term Social Security Income (disability) for Crohn's. I fought with them for years before I finally just gave up and got a good lawyer. I went before the judge, my lawyer stated my case and handed over all my medical records (which filled almost 2 good size boxes) and the Judge ruled in my favor.

Find a lawyer who will do this for you Pro Bono, that way you don't have to pay him/her until you get your settlement. Make sure your doctor will back you up on it. And file for SSI...NOT Disability!!! I can't stress that enough! With SSI, you get a monthly check and you get Medicaid that covers everything for you and for all of your children if you have any. In extreme cases, even your children will get a monthly payment. With Disability, you get a bigger check, but you don't get Medicaid, you get someother crap that only pays 20% of your medical bills and NONE of your meds! I didn't know this, my lawyer explained it to me.

It also helped that while I was in the SSI office, I collapsed and had to be rushed to the ER and admitted. I don't recommend that tactic It wasn't very pleasant.
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Oh if you have any other question, feel free to ask away. I'll give you all the help I can. Some attorneys even specialize in SSI and Disability cases. Try doing a google search for some in your area who specialize.
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I applied for SSI and was denied twice. Now I have a lawyer who specializes in SSI/disability and also in "odd" cases, such as fibromyalgia and other things that are hard to prove. Hopefully, we will win this time around. My lawyer is also doing it pro-bono, and will only be allowed to take 25% when we win, or not more than I think, $5500. I have no idea about the insurance part, and haven't really asked. I should tho, huh? lol.

Also, I was told, when you apply, you have to fill out papers stating your daily life. Fill it out as if you are having the worst day of your life at that moment. Do not make it look like it only happens on some days, as this disease is want to do, or at least how my disease is. I made the mistake of not making it seem like my worst day. And, the more doctors you have on your side with your records the better.

ReeRee....doesn't SSI or disability, one of them, go based on your income/assets too? I know I didn't qualify for one of them cuz my hubby made too much money (by a whopping $200!) And, do you know if win you win, the insurance part of goes back to the date you were deemed disabled? For instance: I put down that I became disabled 3/2003, but my doc, who is dimwitted sometimes, said 11/03. Sooo...if I am deemed disabled from 11/03, and they take it to the 6 months AFTER that date as the waiting period, would they then cover the medical bills that I incurred at that time??? Does that make sense to you??? lol. The reason I ask is the insurance I had at the time screwed me by saying I had a pre-existing condition and didn't pay for my hospital stay, nor my remicade (which they said they would pay for and then took that back after 3 of them!! I now owe the doc/hospital close to $45000 because of this). Hopefully you understand what I am saying and can maybe answer that for me.....

I will be calling the lawyer on monday to verify what I haven't been asking

Good luck, Chicago!!!!!

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