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Sores in the corner of my mouth

I have suffered from cracks and sores in the corners of my mouth since I was a child. I have a bad case of it at the moment (can barely open my mouth as it is so sore, and was wondering whether anybody else suffers from this)? I think it is called Angular cheilitis.

P.S. Also apologies for not logging in for a while, have been crazy busy at the hospital... I hope my fellow crohnies are keeping as well as can be :-) x
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A b vitamin deficiency can cause sores/cracks at the corners of the mouth. Maybe a B50 or B100 complex would help.
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Yeah I get those all the time, I heard it was lack of vitamin C...but who knows. I use Vaseline on my lips to keep the moisture in and the inviornment out. I also drink more water.
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Hi Katiepede,

I have had "lip" problems from about 10yrs of age. My parents during one particular episode showed my mouth to an asian pharmacist when we were in london visiting family (they just dragged me in off the street to the chemist as I was in so much pain etc) and he suggested camphor oil. It worked amazingly well at the time. Dried the skin out and it just flaked off. Stings a bit initially be warned but it is also incredibly hard to get hold of these days!

HOWEVER, I discovered that the ORIGINAL CHAPSTICK (no other lip balm) has it in it and you can actually smell it when you open it up. I have used it for years and suggested it to a workmate this winter who suffers badly too and it worked wonders for her. She too had tried many things over the years and was gobsmacked! I discovered in recent months that their strawberry and apple flavours also have the camphor oil in them but tend to stick to the original as I find the "flavours" a bit sickly after a while.

Hope my ramblings help and you get some improvement soon! ((hugs))


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Going out to buy chapstick tomorrow!
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Can be caused by dry lips, lip licking, low iron stores, low b12/folate and also fungal infection. Some literature suggests Crohn's itself can cause it
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i get them too, but for me i think it's a combination of dry weather + trauma (if i get toothpaste on them they get worse!). i just usually put vaseline on them and they go away
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I get them too! Not extremely often though, maybe twice a year or so. But they are so annoying!! Glad to know I'm not alone

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