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skin problem with crohns?

it doesnt really bother me too much, but does anyone else have keratosis pilaris? im trying to see if theres a link between it and crohns
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I think that's what I have on the tops of my arms. Ive had it there though long before getting ill. I've recently got so annoyed with it and looked up ways to treat it. Over the past 6 weeks I've been using a moisturiser with urea in. It seems to be helping somewhat. Have you found anything to help?
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hmm I had a little flare of eczema but it went away with topical steroid treatment...

Anyway, keratosis pilaris is exceedingly common - something like 40% of adults and 50-80% of teenagers have it! And since Crohn's affects less than 1% of the'll of course find a large fraction of Crohnies with keratosis, but you won't find a large fraction of people with keratosis who have Crohn's.

That's not to say there's not a link between skin problems and Crohn's. I heard a really interesting lecture by the chief of gastroenterology at MGH in Boston where he suggested that all kinds of infections are more common in Crohn's patients, including skin infections and respiratory infections.
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My daughter has vitaligo, it appeared way before the crohns symptoms did. We have had sucess on some visable spots by using protopic cream. Its all auto-immune, they say they come in 3's.
Don't have any experience with keratosis. Good luck with it!
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I don't have keritosis, but was diagnosed yesterday with erythema nodosum, which is supposedly yet another manifestation of Crohn's. Dr. says it will probably resolve itself on its own in a few weeks, but that the only really effective treatment option is a short course of prednisone. Since it's not too painful at this point I'll skip the pred, thankyouverymuch!
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thanks guys and theyre more of just a pain than anything else, and i noticed a lot of them have small ingrown hairs. it has do do with the amount of keratin protein produced or something, idk. anyway yea i was just trying to see if there was a link becuase this is just so frusturating and any new insight is always great. somtimes we think too much though. im not gonna put anything on them, they look weird but i can live with it i hate using chemicals the less the better
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There have been links to some skin conditions that cause Crohns, im sure if they can go one way it can go another. One that I know of only because my wife was diagnosed with is call Hidradenitis Suppurativa. It is basically tunneling boils that pop up in the armpit, crotch, glutes, face, and on some women under the breasts. We can miss most of the symptoms because of our crohn's ( D, vomiting, nausea ect. ) if you are getting what seems to be boils that can come in 3's please look up Hidradenitis Suppurativa as it is hard to diagnose and also to treat.

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