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Question for those on Cimzia

Hi all,

I recently started Cimzia along with Imuran. My second dose of Cimzia is today. Over the weekend I started getting raised red bumps on my shins that were diagnosed as erythema nodosum. My doctor was surprised to see it show up after starting the new meds, but it turns out it's listed as a possible side effect of Cimzia. I also have EXTREMELY dry mouth, which is not listed as a side effect to either of my new meds.

So I was wondering if anyone on Cimzia has experienced this, especially the erythema nodosum, and how you're managing and/or treating it.


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I just switched off cimzia after being on it for over a year. I did have problems with a skin rash...basically the same thing you have on other parts of my body, but my doc told me it was part of the inflammatory process not from my meds. Interesting that it is listed as a side effect...wonder if it was the cimzia all along.

I used several steriod based creams on it and that did help some.
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