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Small bowel resection NG tube chances?

In just over a week I'm going in to have my ileostomy taken down and anastomosed to my colon. I'm excited to get put back together and to lose this bag, but I was wondering if for a procedure like this they would have to place an NG tube. Because throughout my battle with Crohn's, some of my worst experiences have been related to those pesky things. I've been searching endlessly around the internet for an answer and I'm started to get scared because I can't find one. I just want to know what to expect, because surprises with a condition like this aren't usually good ones. I figured out of all the members of this forum, maybe a few have been in situations similar to mine and could help me out some. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Good luck with your surgery! I wish I knew how to answer the NG tube question--I hope you don't have to have one. I know I did not get one when I had my small bowel resection. When I came out of anesthesia, I remember that being the first thing I thought--"Did they place an NG tube?" I was so happy I woke up without one! So I hope it is the same for you.
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Good luck with your surgery, and hopefully no NG tube. I had surgery 3 weeks ago and that was my biggest concern, also. I had a strictureplasty of 15 inches of my terminal ileum, and hurray no NG tube.

I pray you don't get one........


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I only had mine for a short period of time (5 weeks). When I got put back together I did not wake up with an NG tube. They had the catheder out the following evening and then I was up and walking. I walked so much just to get things moving because I was scared nothing was going to work. I did not care hunched over at the time a bit from 3 surgeries in 5 weeks, weak and all, I walked as much as I could thinking it will help. They had to tell me to rest when they could not find me at 3am that night lol. I was full of smiles regardless of the pain I was in. I tried to wean off the pain meds as soon as I felt I could so that again, things would not slow down. I was just so afraid that if I slowed anything down that nothing would work. I finally came to my senses and started to take some pain meds but not a lot. The pain was nothing compared to getting one though.

Good luck with your surgery!
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No NG tube for me either. Just a catheter which was another complication in itself but nose was clear!
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Sorry I haven't responded in a while, but is putting the tube in while under anesthesia something surgeons do frequently? Both times I've had them they had to be placed while I was awake (closest thing to torture I think they can get away with). I've also heard that they're used sometimes to help jump-start the whole tract after surgeries like that, so I'd imagine if I needed one I'd have to go through that nightmare again. I could live with having one when I wake up, but how about we just hope for none at all! Anyway, scope's on Thursday to see if both ends are free of disease, so I'll try to keep you guys updated. Thanks again for all your support!
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I only had one placed during my 2nd surgery - which was an emergency. I'm not sure why they decide to do it sometimes. I was out when they placed it. Removing it is horrible enough, that I don't want to even think about inserting it while awake. I know some people have a foley inserted while away which makes this seem like child's play.

During my last surgery, I was not doing so well in the hospital, so they wanted to insert one. Some doc or nurse walks over with it like it's no big deal. I refused it. I lived to tell this tale. I don't recommend not following doctors orders but I just did not want to deal with it.

On another note, if you must have it inserted awake, ask (demand) to be sedated.
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I had one for my emergency colectomy, my j pouch formation, and my take down. Boy was I surprised when I woke up from my latest surgery (permanent ileo) without an NG. I was thrilled!

From reading everyone's responses again, it sounds like it's a situational deal and they insert one if they feel necessary. Good luck - hope you can do without it. Those things suck. No pun intented.

- Amy
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I have had a few NG tubes inserted awake (non Crohn's related) and I agree 100% -- torture.... they had to hold me down because I pulled it out as soon as they got it in - natural reflex.
good luck on your take down. I hope you don't need one and the surgery is a success.
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I had one with a blockage and it was inserted unsedated and wide awake. I didn't think the insertion (or removal) was that bad, but living with it for days was awful.
During insertion the nurse had me put my chin to my chest and swallow water continuously. Went in without a hitch.
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I fully understand the concern about NG tubes. However a nurse showed me a technique that works & takes the terror away. Have a cup of water ready & put the tube up your nose, as you feel it just start to enter your throat have a small drink of water & push it down-done. I've done this a couple of times when obstructing-it works I promise & actually for my last surgery I asked for one .
It really is that simple.
I had a terrible time before with them, retching & choking. If only I'd known how easy it should've been.
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I think it depends on the person whether the "drink of water" technique will work. That's how my last attempt at one was done this summer, and I was still gagging and retching during the ordeal. I also had it pulled it within a minute or two because I could not handle it.

Luckily, I did not have to have one of those horrible things when I had my strictureplasty in August.

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