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Popcorn for the Digestive Challenged?

I know most of us have had bad experiences with or just told to stay away from popcorn. Evidently a company out there was smart enough to tackle this issue and try and make popcorn "safe" for the digestively challenged.

They say the hull is so small that it either gets destroyed in the popping or is so small it causes no issues. Not sure what to think. Has anyone heard of or tried this stuff?

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Yeah, Black Jewel is supposed to be hulless, but I still have some issues with it from time to time so I just stay away completely. However, I have been able to eat that puffcorn stuff that's not real popcorn, but is movie butter flavored. I like to make toffee and pour it on that stuff and eat it like toffee popcorn.
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Nancy Lee
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Haven't heard of it myself..
But if I ever come across it...look out!!
That's the one snack I miss the most....POPCORN!!
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Butter Popcorned Flavored Jelly Bellies are my special treat when I go to the movies and feel like I'm going to explode without popcorn.
(of course I'd explode with it too) They are pricey, but worth it as a treat!
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I guess I'm one of the lucky ones, I can eat popcorn and I do daily. It really seems to help fiber wise. I avoided it in the past just because I was told to, but it doesn't bother me.

I have found some in the summer months at farmers markets that are hull less.

I do buy one it's a microwave one made in Wisconsin by Koeppseles, if anyone is interested send me an IM or PM and we can make arrangements.
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I guess that I'm one of the lucky ones too.
Popcorn does not bother me.I like the ones that are microwavable.

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I'm afraid of trying popocorn. I once tried eating a corn knob(I don't know if this what they call it) and I got a flare immediately...
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I will definately look out for any type of popcorn that is for us digestively challenged ~~~ my three year old son and I are both addicted to popcorn. I try my darnest not to eat a few handfuls when he has it as a snack but it is so difficult. There are always issues when I eat it but I love popcorn so much!!!

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