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How long

Sorry if this has been raised before. Just wanted to know how long has everyone here been on Azathioprine for? And, if you stopped it, was it because you felt better or it stopped working for you?

I've been on it now for just over 4 weeks and 'i think' it might be kicking in.

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20 years along with 5-ASA. Started at 50 mg/day then 75 and up until Thursday 100 mg/day (I estimate I was at 100 mg/day for about 5 years - but I have not done a good job at writing down dosage and/or medication changes - luckily my memory is good). My dosage was upped to 200 mg/day on Thursday. There is narrowing in the mid-to-lower colon that may be scarring. (On the last 2 colonscopies the scope could pass one area of narrowing but not the second). I did not have may major issues from when they got the initial diagnosis outbreak under control in 1990/1991 until late 2009 (been on prednisone 5 times since then) but now may be looking at surgery or different medication (remicade/humira).

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I did 6 months on Azathioprine,started on 75mg,then onto 150mg.
It took 17 weeks for the drug to fully kick in,it got the CD 80% under control
but the longer i stayed on Aza the worse the side affects became.Along with my WBC being unsafe i could not tolerate Aza.

Best Wishes
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A little over a year now. I started at 50 mg for two weeks, then upped to 100 mg. I was on that for a little over a year and just got upped again to 125 mg. I don't think it has ever really worked. I am hoping after my surgery it will help to keep things at bay.

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What surgery are you facing?
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I've been on Imuran for almost 2 years now (Wow I haven't really thought about it until now). For the whole duration I've been on the same dose of 125mg. I think the dose is dependant on your weight and how bad your Crohn's is. It took about 4 months to really get into my system and really start working. I was also on Prednisone when I first started, so it's really hard for me to distinguish which gave me the relief and at which time. I suspect though, for the earlier times it was the Prednisone since that doesn't take time to start working.
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Salofalk - severe diarrhea

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