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Herbal Remedies

Has anyone on here used any herbal remdies to help their Crohn's? Things like Cat's Claw or Marshmellow...
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Have not heard of those but herb wise I take horse chestnut extract (good for leg vein health and hemorrhoids) and oregano extract (helps keep away colds, viruses, yeast issues, etc). And beyond that I take handful of other vitamins supplements, glutamine, omega 3 (from fish oil), vit c (ascorbic acid), multi vit, probiotics, and bee propolis.

i do not take any meds. you'll find many on here research all the options out there, of which there are many on the pharmaceutical and supplement sides each and find the combination that is right for them.
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Jeff D.
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I take probiotics. I eat a lot of oregeno, its in pretty much everything I eat and make.

But try out bee propolis I heard its stops bleeding. I really want to try the stuff but don't know where it is.
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I take bee propolis (500mgs), omegas 3-6-9, Prodiem stool bulker, probiotics by the name of Primadophilus Reuteri made by Natures Way....this combination has helped me a great deal with no side effects, I'm not on any oral RX because I'm either allergic or non-responsive...and this route is much cheaper then taking the oral RX, plus no side-effects and my GI approves.

Often a different combination works for different people since this DD is so individualistic. Key is finding what works for you and try only one new thing at a time before adding something eles so you know what's helping and what's not.

Good luck!!
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should be able to find bee propolis at any supplement store, GNC, Vitamin World, Vitamin Shoppe, etc. Can also order it online from their websites.
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My Support Groups:
You should ask GNC CROHN'S MAN
I take VSL#3 works for me
I am also going to buy some OMEGA 3-6-9- DR. told me yesterday to try it.

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I order my bee propolis (500mg) from puritans pride online, they have the best prices and deals compared to any local healthfood store that I've been to, not to mention I'v never seen them in caps just in bags of loose grains of propolis in the local stores. And I'm in Alberta.

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I use Primal Defense. It works wonders for me. It doesn't work for everyone though. I think it's worth a try.
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I drink lots of Chammomille and Anise. They are good for mild cramps and mild pain

I also sometimes take bee propolis. But I don't know if it has any effect on me, as my symptoms are mostly pain, not bleeding.....

As for other supplements I take Omega 3 fish oil enteric coated and a multivit
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I've tried a bunch of supplements in the past (aloe vera, cats claw, and lots of others). Most seemed to work for about a week and then quit working, so at the current time I'm not taking any.

The thing that really works for me is homemade yogurt and cabbage juice (not at the same time ).

One thing I've tried before when making yogurt is opening a probiotic caplet and putting the powder in along with the starter to give it some extra kick. I tolerated the yogurt without the probiotic caplet added the best, but everyone tolerates different strains of bacteria differently YMMV.
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Jeff D.
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Yeah check out GNC mans section. It has a lot of good advice.

Thanks with helping me find bee propolis I will get it soon.
03-31-2007, 08:26 PM   #12

go to colitisfoundation.com and there is a ton of information on this very question.

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