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Crohn's and clotting disorder

I have recently been Dx w/ probable Crohn's and am at the tail end of a flair.
One of the scariest things has been the thought of pregnancy. I'm starting to get that bug, but I have several factors that make me a high risk pregnancy.
1- I had a DVT and a PE and massive internal bleeding when I was 16 and at one point they thought it was Factor 8 or the BCP's I was on.
2- Crohn's

Before I was even Dx w/ IBD my OB said that she would probably want me to be on Heparin inj daily to prevent clotting. But from what I know crohn's also changes your clotting and heparin would be a bad idea.

I mean if I'm going to be bedridden and risk losing a baby and my own life, is it selfish to consider? I'm just wondering if there are other things anyone has heard of to decrease your risk or clotting w/ pregnancy w/o exacerbating crohn's?

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Lots of women take heparin or lovenox during pregnancy and go on to have healthy babies. Talk to a reproductive immunologist about it, as well as your GI. Clotting problems are more common than you think. Its a problem with many people who are autoimmune, and can cause recurrant miscarriage.

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