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The calm before the Storm

Having had Crohns for almost five years now I have gotten to the point that i just know that something is wrong. For about six weeks I've been having the typical symptoms of abdominal pain, joint pain, diarrhea, and painful bowel movements. But the past couple of days everything has seemed to just fade away and only cause a minimal amount of discomfort. It feels like the calm before the storm, that my body is actually relaxing and getting ready for a big blow. Its a very unsettling feeling. Has anyone everfelt like this or am I just crazy? My doctor says wait and see but i have this feeling that I can't.
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It may just be as it appears, that all is settling down again. Look on the bright side, you may start to feel even better.

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Some people say that they have certain symptoms before going into a flair over a week before it occurs. I know that sometimes I did not feel so great (but not in bad pain) and by avoiding most food and just resting I could avoid what I suspected was worse symptoms. Anyways I would avoid just keeping stress as low as possible, getting enough sleep and rest, and eating foods you know to be safe for the time being. No one likely knows what is going to happen, so just keep things low key for a few days at least and hopefully your body will act accordingly.
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I have felt that way before. I will be feeling terrible and then i will start to feel better for a couple of weeks and then it gets twice as bad. I don't k now why that is. I wish i could tell you something to help. I just know how you feel.

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