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How I Live With Crohn's

I have had Crohn's for 7 years, at first it ruled my life; i wouldn't move from the site of a toilet, imagine the thought of needing the 'bog' when you was shopping! Something came over me, i realised something - This is my life, no matter if i have Crohn's or not i have to live through mylife, i mayaswell make it the best and most enjoyful it can possibly be. I found preoccuping myself, when my mind is not set on anything 'Crohn's' it repells itself from 'flaring'... There is alot more important things in life than Crohn's, sure it's apart of you... but think of the other things which are going on in your life aswell as that.

"All power is from within and is therefore under our control"...

It is an auto-immune disease... let me ask if anyone was depressed or substantially sad when they became ill with this form of IBD?
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maybe not sad, but wasn't at the top of my game. stressed definitely.
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Hi, I was definately stressed and suffering from post natal depression. Plus I had stress from my then partner who I wasn't happy with. It wasn't until I found the strength to leave him that I started to turn things around for the better. I truly believe that a positive mental attitude helps significantly, it certainly did in my case anyway.


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