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Vasectomy Reversal and IBD

A few years ago I had a vasectomy. I'm now in a place where I have scheduled a vasectomy reversal. I am diagnosed as having Chronic Lymphocytic Colitis, a form of IBD. Can anyone see any way that IBD may in some way complicate a vasectomy reversal other than not being able to take NSAIDs for after surgery pain?

I'm actually passionate enough about all of this that I started a vasectomy reversal support forum since it's a pretty emotional time and you want lots of information.
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Make sure you dont strain too much when having BMs. You dont want to put to much pressure in your pelvic area after the reversal. Take some stool softeners if you think this will be an issue. Also if they give you some Tylenol 3, the softeners will prevent you from getting bunged up as well.

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