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Dry Skin?

I have had CD for over 20 yrs and was in remission for 10 yrs after a resection, until a month ago, now on 6MP & Pentasa. I just noticed yesterday, that the skin on my cheeks and nose is dry, flaky & burns. Anyone else have this problem? It feels like I am starting all over again, like I was just diagnosed. Now I am back to learning to live with CD again.
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Yes I had that but no flaking, just burning around the cheeks, thought it might have been frostbite a mild case but it has continued. I used a real Vitamin E capsule and opened it and rubbed it in the area. It is a natural healer, but it does help. If it continues I would see a derm, cause skin problems are also assc with this disease.
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Aloe is really good to help with that as well, it also makes my tummy feel better, i put it in my smoothie :-)
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I have very dry skin I had also developed psoriasis out of no where, it was crazy. It started with a round ring on my neck, looked like someone bit me. I thought it was ring worm but then i started breaking out other places too. So i went to the doctor, where he told me it was psoriasis. The humira is helping that but I still have dry legs and such. i bought some aveno mosturizing body wash and i am gonna try that out. So we will see!
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Pentasa 2x day 500mg, Iron, B-12 shot,
hyoscyamine as needed
New med: belladonna-phenobarbital

have been on: Prednisone (which I will never take again), asacol (waste of time for me),
Entocort, sulfasalazine (made me have weird side affects),Remicade (Horriable reaction after 3rd dose)
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Aveeno soothes it but I find it doesnt clear it up. I have to use topical steroids
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Hi Phyllis.

I agree with everyone else, though, what you are describing sounds an awful lot like eczema. I had that once, back in high school, long before I was diagnosed. I had been seeing a lady at a holistic spa and she told me that's what she thought it was.

It went away within a week. You might want to look up eczema to see how it may be specifically treated. I've always had super dry skin, but it's always a good idea to get anything checked out that seems worse than normal. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be uncommon that people with autoimmune diseases experience problems with their skin.

Hope it clears up soon!
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Yeah I get this! I put a ton ton ton of moisturiser on my cheeks and nose at night and it has really helped. I use hydrocortisone cream too for the creases of the nose. I also have seborrheic dermatitis which I get on the back of my neck and behind my ears - pretty annoying!

current meds:
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Steroids (pred) 30mg and tapering

Starting Humira!!

Supplements: Multivitamin and vegetarian omega 3 flaxseed oil

Been on:
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I use a supplement - Flax seed oil daily -
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I use Cetaphil Restoraderm moisturizer for eczema and it works quite well when it's mild - when it is more serious I spot treat with prescription cream but try to use that as little as possible as it's not good for long-term use!
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I also use cetaphil moisturiser and mix in a drop of jojoba oil and this works a treat. Only thing is I only do this at night as it makes my skin look shiny and greasy if worn during the day.
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I use a supplement - Flax seed oil daily -
Hi - you use Flax seed oil by mouth right? Or do you rub it on your skin?
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Hi Phyllis,
I have dry skin on my face which I've never had before , But I do suffer my a type of eczema anyways but it's only recently its affecting my face. I use a cream called Diprobase for my eczema (which I ge prescriped but you can also get it over the counter - I'm in the UK) and after putting some of this on my skin overnight for the last week it has now gone
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Humira injections
5mg Prednisolone

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So far tried Methotrexate, Asacol,Aza,6mp,Remicade
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I see I can buy it online. Do you use the cream or emollient? I'm going to try it!
I supposed they will ship to the USA.
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I use the cream. I only use it at night as it's quite thick and can make you look a bit greasy
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Thanks so much! Ordering from Amazon!

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