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Nearing the end!!!!

I hope this post finds everyone out there well!

Well, I'm at a little over 36 weeks pregnant now. I had a doctor's appointment the other day and I'm already 2 cm dilated!! Doc said that I can go into labor at any time, or just stay that way until the scheduled C-section on April 18th. Time will tell!!

I am going in a few times a week to do some fetal non-stress tests to make sure the baby is faring well in there. So far so good! The doc said with high risk patients they like to make sure that the baby stays healthy and good. And she's doing great!!

We also did an ultrasound to check out how big she is, and she's at 6 pounds right now. My little girl is a growin'! It was really neat, too, because when he was doing the ultrasound we could see the diaphragm contracting and he said that was her practicing breathing which is an excellent sign.

We now have all of her room set up and have everything ready that we need, so we are definitely ready for her when she decides to come.

This pregnancy has been full of blessings. I have not felt very well at all, but my little Sadie is thriving in there and that's all a mama could really ask for. I was really nervous with all of the meds and how sick I've been, that she wasn't going to do all that great, but she is and that's all that matters to me! I had the most uneventful pregnancy ever and I don't think it could have gone better (well, if I would have gone into remission, that would have been AWESOME!).

I will keep you updated with any baby news to come! If I go into labor before my scheduled c-section, we'll just go right in and have the c-section as soon as that happens.
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Great news! So nice to hear good stuff for a change! I hope you do well and she is healthy and happy. Hope your Crohns is stable too. Good luck. So her name is Sadie? An oldie but goodie .
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Thank you, Pen!

Yes, her name is Sadie! I wanted to name her Zoe, but couldn't get it to pass with the hubs But the name Sadie really grew on me, and now I can't imagine her being anything different.
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Good luck and congratulations! That is exciting news. I was in your shoes one year ago. It's hard to believe my baby girl is one.
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Yee haw Amanda!!! I'm getting soooooo excited!!!

Thinkin' of you and bubs!
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wow..you and your husband must be soooo excited! I am so happy for you and your family!! Kids are the coolest
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I am so happy to hear Sadie is doing so well! What wonderful news! Please keep us posted!

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Thanks everyone!!

I will definitely keep you all posted If I go into labor before my scheduled date I'll have the hubs update and let you all know that baby and I are fine. maybe even sneak in a cute picture of the little booger

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