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How did they diagnose your IBD?

What tests were required to tell with 100% accuracy that you have IBD?

Was it suspected before the tests were done?
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Nancy Lee
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Hi! The symptoms may appear to the well trained GI that it is IBD,
but, as far as I know, according to my gastro doc anyway,
the only for sure way of telling, is a colonoscopy and a biopsy taken at the time.

Keep in mind that 'most' IBD patients have been misdiagnosed
and have gone months or years showing various symptoms.

For some reason it seems to be a hard one for doctors to diagnose.

Sorry I can't be of more help.
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Jeff D.
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My doctor looked at my anal fissures and told me that I had a 90 percent chance of having Crohn's. He put me in the hospital and ran a lot of test such as a biopsy and colonoscopy and told me that I had Crohn's later in the week.

I hope that helps
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I was diagnosed with blood tests (showed I was anemic and losing blood somewhere internally) a inflammation test (forget the name of it, but it showed high levels of internal inflammation) and then they did a barium ctscan (showed spots in my intestines... and then they did a colonoscopy and saw it staring them in the face... but it took a couple different doctors and a weight loss of 20 pounds before they decided it wasn't stress and actually tested me for things. I went misdiagnosed for 6 months (said it was stress, ibs, colitis)
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Mine was first suspected after high white blood cell count and high CRP level. Then a CT scan was done showing lots of inflammation in the ileum. Then they made a colonoscopy to confirm but couldn't reach my terminal ileum because of all the inflammation. Finally they had me on a bowel follow through and they concluded it was Crohn's.

Years later another doctor suspected it can be TB (Tuberculosis), but the other doctors said no way as I was getting better on Prednisone and imuran, and if I had TB and was on those drugs I would die!!!!! Anybody had such issues before???
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Mine was quick and easy to DX, I was so sick with CD affecting my small intestines, colon, rectom and anus with perianal crohns skin tags and all the obvious flare symptoms at the time I was having too. I had a colonoscopy, SBFT, blood and stool tests done everything was scraming crohns disease with no question. And that was 16 yrs ago now.

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I had 3 endoscopy's, a stool sample, bloods several times, ultrasound scan, xrays over a period of 6 years, I was told I probably had Coeliacs, pancriatitis and an absorption problem, then I had a colonoscopy (where a biopsy was taken), a barium meal and more bloods and was diagnosed with crohns.

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Diagnosed after many blood tests, colonscopy, small bowel follow-through, barium test, and a couple of things. Those first two should definitely show and confirm beyond a doubt what you have. Slapping the IBD label on it is, in my opinion, a lazy doctor not wanting to be thorough and start the right treatment as soon as possible.

Just my two cents.
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I had all the test above but the ultra sound. This was over the past 5 months.
The thing that got me was the blood test showed I was 98% CD, only after I swolled the camera and the doc read the imagies, some 57,000 are taken, did I get any help.
Now I'm on Petsas,think thats how you spell it, and have a strong anit "D" this really helped stop the bathroom trips and Knock on wood has lasted the past three days.
Take care
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I was originally diagnosed with Crohn's last summer around July/August after having a flexible sigmoid endoscopy, but my current gastroenterolgist believes my problem to be ulcerative colitis after having me undergo a small bowel follow through and a colonoscopy. Also I did a blood test... although I don't remember what the blood test was checking for besides creatinine levels.
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I was first diagnosed with Giardia, but when that didn't go away with meds the doctor did a scope (colonoscopy) and the diagnosis was Crohns.

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