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Unusual Side Effect

Hi all,

I started Imuran on March 24, 2011. Four days after starting, I was more congested than I normally am and my chest hurt so badly that I couldn't raise one of my arms. I called my GI's office and my doc told the nurse I probably just pulled a muscle and the pain is unrelated to the meds.

I have to take Celebrex to get rid of the pain. I'm trying an experiment. I'm stopping the Imuran for two days to see if the pain goes away and then returns when I start it again.

I didn't take Imuran last night and my congestion subsided a bit.

Has anyone else had any muscular pain or congestion from Imuran?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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My GI wanted to start me on Imuran. Before I could fill the prescription I got the nastiest flu, followed by a chest infection. I'm only just 3 months post op, and my immune system is still shot! I'm afraid to take imuran because of this. And also, I've heard of others not being able to fight off infections and flu from Imuran as well.
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Hello there,
I am really sorry for both of your troubles with Imuran. I have been taking it for the past three years and have been cold/flu free even when everyone around me had it. I only had severe iron deficiency while being on it. Medrol, another steriod, caused me to have muscle pain and body aches. While Budenfalk caused me to have hair loss.
Good luck! I hope you both will get better and have no more problems with Imuran or colds.

best of wishes, kisses, Aya
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I have now skipped two days of Imuran. My congestion is back to it's normal level (I'm always a little congested). And the chest pain, although still there, has reduced.

I plan to call my family doctor tomorrow to see what else could cause it.

I did find a couple sites on the internet that mentioned pancreatitis can cause chest wall pain. However, you would think that I would have had some stomach or back aches as well if I was experiencing the onset of pancreatits.

I'm going to skip my Imuran again today until I discuss with the doctor.

If anyone else has any experiences they can share regarding chest wall pain, I would love to hear from you,
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Yeah, I was BADLY congested when i started imuran, my gi doc said it was too soon for it to take affect in my body like that, but i figured otherwise because docs always say things take longer time to take affect than they do in my body. i say the crohn's causes my body to proccess it quicker or something but i dont know really. all i know is EVERY med i've had in my life that was extended release or anything that was gonna take a while never took a while.. and it leaves my system quickly as well.
But my doc put me on AcipLex and Nexium for it and all seems good in the congestion part. it got worse when i would eat tho, and i would get stares when i was in a resturant cause people would think i was sick and contagious or something, and i was just like "^_^;; congestion... that's all it is..."
I used to have the same congestion when i was a litttle kid, but that was due to a med side effect as well. lol!
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