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arm rash

I showed few symptoms until after my surgery last year. Since then I have had a few digestive issues i am dealing with, but one thing I have no clue about is a rash I have had reoccur three times under my left arm on the back edge of the armpit. It itches for a week or two and forms into 2 or 3 irritated bumps, and then goes away. I have changed deodorants and even avoided it to see if it was the cause, but it still showed up. Anyone ever had anything like this? Is it swollen lymph nodes, crohns related, any ideas?
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Hm. Dunno. I woulda said psoriasis, because I got psoriasis kind of hand in hand with my Crohns, but the bumps aren't part of it; just very dry itchy red skin.
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I kinda am questioning a rash I have now too... its all over my mid section and it itches but I didn't get it until after I went tanning one day... I really think its Crohn's related because I've had one before on my legs way back before I was diagnosed... and it kinda just showed up too.
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not uncommon to develop rashes with IBD. check with your doctor though because it could mean other things.
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Yeah I agree with Brando. I get hives which is linked to my crohns but I also get dry patches of skin sometimes which can itch. I use antihistamines and a very mild cream (prescription) called Celebrum.


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