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Gas problems anyone?

I found this link on Fox health news. Thought a lot of us could use this product.,2933,246099,00.html
I was actually trying to find info about tequila helping ibs that I thought I heard mentioned. Will post link if I find it.
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If you get one let me know how it works.
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Does anyone else have this problem. When I clean my self I make sure I'm CLEAN, within a half hour I start to feel sore down there and I go in the Bathroom and sure enough I'm dirty or bleeding. Anyone else. I wash my own underwer and have to soak it. I really hate this but what can I do??
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Sounds like you have a leakage should see your doc about far as gas problems...I had tons of it along with tons of bloating and the only thing that helped/eliminated it was taking a fibre supplement daily as my GI told me to for the rest of my advice ever. No more bloat and very little gas which is great because it was hard going out in public with a trumpet blowing butt.

Helped with many of my other CD and IBS problems too, formed stools, less frequency, no more mucus...definitely well worth the adjustment time of having extra bloating and gas, which is normal even for healthy people this happesn, but for me after 3 months things improved dramatically.

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I also was told a long time ago that metamucil etc might help with the D, but since I hated the texture, didn't drink it. Now it comes in capsule and bar form, so it's worth a try. I also have a leakage problem, mainly because the stool is so watery. I keep a spray bottle of oxi clean by my hamper and spray my underwear, and or have to wash them out. Just went out and bought a whole slew of new underwear yest. My big problem is when I have to go badly, I will start to go before I can get disrobed. This has created a lot of embarrassment in the past. I have periods where I am very gassy and then none at all hardly. Haven't figured it out really. I may be having flares and just don't know it because I don't get pain unless I obstruct.

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