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I am very new to crohns, I had emegency surgery in Jan this year and was diagnosed a week later. Only now do I have the symptoms, cramping,D, having to plan my day around where the nearest toilet is etc etc. But twice since leaving hospital I have noticed the D settling down and a pain in my groin like nothing I have ever experienced before, lasting for a week or so that floors me completly. I thought that I might have pulled a muscle as my tummy is still week after surgery but the pain vanishes abruptly and the D is back with a vengeance. Is this common after surgery (Rt hemi-colectomy) or is this a symptom of crohns.
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It is common to continue to heal for a couple months after surgery. So you may have some symptoms that last upto two months or longer. When I had surgery my bowel movements were very loose for several weeks, but eventually they turned back to normal. I also had pain in my back for a couple weeks after surgery and I had some pain due to gas for maybe a week after surgery.

As long as you keep monitoring the symptoms and perhaps recording them somewhere (frequency, if the symptoms change in strenght, etc.) then you know you can phone a doctor whenever you feel it is necessary and have all the facts already written down.

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