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Hi-Was just wondering how long it took for Pentasa 4x500 (?) to start working, been taking it with Pred 6 a day so far, and so far, i still seem to be suffering from my terminal illium pain, which some days is worse then others!
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The beauty of Pentasa is that it maintains and induces remission, but you've got to get the inflammation under control first, and the Pred will do this.
Pentasa on it's own won't blitz inflammation, so stick with it for a while longer.
It's my maintenance drug, I've been on it for over 5 years now and up until last year, when I had a blockage and was in hospital, Pentasa kept me in remission.
good luck


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Pentasa is quite mild, it doesn't have much effect on active inflammation, but does help to stop it returning. But 4 x 500 is quite a low dose, I was started on 6 x 500, and now take 8. But the thing I found most helpful in reducing TI pain was following a low residue diet ( www.crohnsforum.com/wiki/low-residue-diet ). Basically this is soft, easily digestible foods that don't irritate your insides and allow the pred to do its job.

Talking of pred, I take it you mean 6 x 5mg tablets? Did you start on a higher dose or is that the highest you've been on? Because the pred should be treating your inflammation and reducing the pain, if you are still having pain maybe you need a slightly higher dose (like 8 x 5mg), or maybe you need to stay on that dose for a while before you taper off.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I would speak to your doctor or IBD nurse if you have one, and let them know you are still experiencing pain, and they will advise you if you need to tweak the dosages, or give it more time, or even try a different med.
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Yes, am on and started on 6x5mg they seemed to do the trick at first, i was on them for about 3 weeks/a month, and all my pain-stomach/abdominal went etc went and just had a gurgly stomach which seemed to get better, and then started cutting down to 5 the last last friday, however, last wednesday the pain came back, but only where my TI is.. so the doc, having spoke to my GI put me on 8 for 2 days and it sort of made me feel better (the pain kind of went, but I felt really manic,) and then I started the Pentasa on Saturday. Yesterday, though i did go into london to see a friend and we did ALOT of walking so I don't know whether thats made it a-lot worse today!
I'm meant to be cutting down to 5 again tomorrow, tried to ring the doc, but as of yet no reply. I don't want to start doing something that might make it worse.
I've been told I have mild crohns because my outward symptoms are the abdominal pain (anemia etc as well) so surely the pentasa should work?
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Ahh it's probably the walking that did it then! I had TI pain when walking for quite a while. I could set off at a gentle pace with the dog, and be in pain by the end of my road. Now you are on Pentasa, you should have more luck cutting down the pred. Now I don't mean to worry you, but your symptoms sound very much like mine, and my symptoms didn't completely go until I started the azathioprine. Having said that, I was only allowed a max of 6 pred tablets because I hadn't had biopsies done yet, and I didn't start the Pentasa till I was on 3 tablets. But now I'm doing really well, and I hope you do too!
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I also have active inflammation, from the anus right through to the terminal ileum. The pathology results etc show that i most likely have early and mild crohn's. Since the beggining of February i have been taking Pentasa 6x500 daily and every second night pentasa 1x1000 suppository.

It has not helped with my abdominal pains in the slightest, they have actually worsened. For the last two or three weeks i also now have pains in my gallbladder area, in the center of my chest, and also when i swallow it feels like i have a lump in my throat (i'm scheduled for a gastroscopy).

I am not impressed by pentasa and will be speaking with my GI when we next meet in June.
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I'm taking pentasa and some iron supps along with calcium and vit d. I haven't had any pain and hardly have to run to the bathroom at all anymore and I was going 20 times a day sometimes it was getting very bad.
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When I first started pentasa back in July taking 6-500mg a day it took 3 weeks for me to see results..it is a slow release I am on...I have gone down to 4 a day just over 2weeks ago and am gating some blood yesterday so not sure if it is the reduction or just coincidance. Always a guessing game

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