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Labwork - How often with Imuran?

How often do you all have labwork done? I just recently switched GI Docs as we relocated from Texas to Georgia. New Doctor said things seemed great and he wasn't going to change anything up, see him in 6 months. Now realizing that is a long time to go without labs. Thinking maybe this was overlooked.
3 Hemorhages (July '10, Sept '10, Oct '10) - no other Crohn's symptoms

Diagnosed Oct'10

Currently on Entocort and Apriso and starting Imuran in December '10

History of Melanoma ('08) so avoiding TNF blockers.
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I have been going every 3 months since I have been on Imuran. My files at the doctor were thicker than a phone book with the results.

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my GI says once every 4 weeks
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I go every month

Diagnosed: August 2006
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I also go every month.
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I get CBC every 2 months, CMP every 3 months. Before this I had both monthly. After being consistently good, he stretched the time in between.
February 2010 - diagnosed with Crohn's disease.
January 2011 - Inflammation downgraded from moderate-severe to mild with no symptoms!
January 2014 - adopted a mostly Paleo diet
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Calcium magnesium citrate
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I go every 2 weeks since starting imuran 50mg once a day. Doc says labs will change to monthly then every 3 month if everything stays good. The VA pays for the blood work but not the meds
I am also on humira every 2 weeks.
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Once every month. But after my colonscopy showed everything eh okay once every 6 months. I've been on it 8 months now.
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When I first started it was every week for 2 months, then every month for 6 months and now it is every 3 months indefinitely. Hope this helped
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Azathioprine 100mg
Steroids (pred) 30mg and tapering

Starting Humira!!

Supplements: Multivitamin and vegetarian omega 3 flaxseed oil

Been on:
Pentasa, elemental diet tube feeds, polymeric diet (no diets worked) steroids many times
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Every three months now.
Steve J
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Gastro wants me to go every couple of weeks for the first two months.
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Every week for a couple months. Reduce as needed.
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I was going every two months but will be kicking it up to every month since i just got upped to 350mg. So far I have zero side effects i think, i just got moved to 350 yesterday since 300mg wasn't working. After this I may be joining the Remicade club, really don't want to do that, but I am getting tired of the pain.
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I just had labs after the first 2 weeks and then the 4 week I am not sure when I get them again...its been over a month...I"m wondering myself if its too long. See GI in a few weeks...I suspect he will order it then.
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Im just starting out , so ive been having them every week , soon to go to every 2 wks
Meds :
Humira injections
5mg Prednisolone

Diagnosed Nov 2010 - Crohns Colitis
(bowel problems since 16yrs) 34 Yrs old now
So far tried Methotrexate, Asacol,Aza,6mp,Remicade

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