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what's more painful?

ive herd that the cramps associated with crohn's is worse than child birth. i was just wondering which is more painful
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For me crohns pains are worse but I had 2 pretty easy labors. Both went fast and i had epi for both

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I think they are about the same, but after labour pains you get yr beautiful baby and forget it, you dont with yr crohns pains!!
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oh WOW...
So I can honestly say I know what its like to give birth? That's crazy. Please say giving birth hurts more. I only fell down once when i was standing with so much pain I couldn't believe it.

S I know what your go through then!
Its not so bad
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I don't know what's it's like to give birth, but I'm confident crohn's is much worse because it's for very prolonged periods. Most births are under heavy sedation now too, it is usually not like in the movies where people are screaming left and right, at least not the births I saw, I saw 2, both in the same clinic. The lady was in pain, but the pain was short lived.

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I would figure crohn's is worse because labor is pain with purpose and it does have an end. Women are designed to give birth, they are not designed to have inflammatory bowel disease.

I am hoping to have a natural childbirth next time around, so I will definitely come back and let you know. God knows when that will be as I have to get pregnant first.
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I had a baby in March of 2010. I would have to say that they can be the of the same intensity. I find the Crohn's cramps more disturbing because I never really know when they are going to subside. Labor pains can be horrible, but there is usually a very happy ending. I had a natural child birth because I dilated too quickly to receive an epidural. Believe me, I felt the cramping from the labor pains.
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Had a terrible night about a week ago and was in so much pain i said to my husband I feel like im in labour. The pain was so intense that i was heavy breathing and all. Cant believe that you guys have described it as being that painful too. Agree that at least with labour pains there is a lovely bundle of joy at the end which makes you instantly forget about pains, not the case with crohns. The pain had me almost considering a trip to emergency, and we are all familiar with those horribe places so thats saying something. Ended up driving the porcelain bus and felt loads better after that. Then we both managed to get some sleep.
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I have had 4 natural birth child births and i say the pain associated with Crohns is just as bad as the pain I had in child birth. I would rather go thru child birth anytime.
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I had two kids, one was completely drug-free, the other nearly so. My Crohn's, OTOH, hasn't been even close to that kind of pain.
I've also had kidney stones and one lodged. Now THAT is comparable to labor pain. In fact, it was far worse because unlike labor, there were no "waves" of pain and then relief.
It was just solid agony.
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I've never had any kids, but if I were to guess, having a blockage, either full or partial is definitely comparable. There was no relief for me until I got meds and it was extreme agony.

I'll tell you what was worse though, kidney stones and having a vein rupture that was being pumped with potassium. It felt like my whole arm was on fire only getting progressively worse.
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Hey theriddler,

Its crohns all the way, i have three children and the sorest part was the nail dents/marks on my hand and a bit of earache. After that i was all good ?

OK OK Ladies i am having a laugh !!

I doubt there is a man on earth that could go through childbirth, and that IS a serious comment.
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I really don't think you can compare the two?They are just different kinds of pain.

I've given birth to five boys, 3 of them being natural.

I've had Crohns since I was a teenager.
I'm having a hard time comparing them to each other.Labor is labor, and Crohns is Crohns.
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It is so funny that this was posted because I was wondering the same thing. I am due to have my first child soon and I actually said to my husband that maybe I could handle a natural childbirth because I was able to get through the crohns attacks(even though it was hell). I will never understand, and maybe it is just my dr but when I am in the hospital, they have me on dilaudid for the pain right into my veins and the they send me home with pain med that is basically extra strength tylenol. One would think they would at least give me hydrocodone or something similar to that. Anyway, since I can make it through those couple of weeks after I get out of hospital(has happened twice since 2008) with pain meds that don't work maybe I can handle childbirth without an epi?????
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Terrific humor Bruscar! When I was in transition during my labor. For those who haven't had a baby, it's the height of the labor pains, right before the urge to push. My nurse said something that got on my nerves. I didn't curse or get nasty with her, but I did get snappy. Scott looked at me and had the nerve to say, "Andi, please be nice." That man had no idea about the agony that I was in at the moment. I felt like I was being ripped apart from the inside. I remember raising my voice and saying to him, "I don't want to be nice!" I was offended that he acted all shocked over my reaction. I've heard of laboring women saying and doing worse things. Well! I didn't want to be nice at that moment. LOL!
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I would say they are both pretty bad but childbirth for me was less painful than the pain i had from a blockage that sent me to the er. The nice thing about childbirth is you can get an epidural and the pain is gone. I thought with both my kids I would try no pain medication and i was induced with petocin which makes the pains worse and more frequent. Well I never made it past 4-5 cm before i requested the epidural. I was cramping every minute. With my crohn's symptoms I would never cramp that much.
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Also childbirth is a result of a free choice, having Crohn's Disease is not. According to a newspaper report I have read two people from the UK with Crohn's Disease have gone to Switzerland for an assisted suicide. With the extreme pain that I have had to endure several times over, most times in as much pain as I would imagine have surgery with out any anaesthetic, and being told to pull myself together and be a grown man (by female nurses), I can clearly see and fully understand why someone would go to Switzerland. The pain levels take me right to the edge of what I can bare but the mockery and lack of support from people society trusts to take care of me, leaves me in total and utter despair, feeling worthless and suicidal. Sometime I wish I was giving birth or even being diagnosed with cancer as both of those are fully recognised things as being very traumatic and therefore get lots of support. In my strong opinion if there is someone in extreme pain and you have the power to relieve that person of their pain and you choose not to then you are just a bad as if you had caused their pain yourself.

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Labour much worse. 2 natural deliveries no drugs. Quite severe crohns.

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