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How it happened to me

Being a stubborn guy I just thought that I had some kind of cancer and I was afraid to go to the doctors because I was afraid to hear the news. Well long story short after living with Chron's and not knowing for at least 10 years I finally saw the light literally and got rushed to ER. My blood pressure was 85 over 50 and I had kidney failure I think I weighed 127#'s. It's now a year and a few months later and I'm back to my old self again. Right now I'm in the best shape of my life and I weigh almost 180#'s and I'm still putting on muscle which is so awesome. If it wasn't for my amazing doctor's and nurses I may not be here now to start my life over again. I'm blessed with my job and career which is owning and operating fishinniagara and also fishing on both a Pro Walleye and Pro Bass circuit. There's so much I want to learn about this disease and can't wait to start reading this forum to learn all that I can. If there's any hot girls on here looking for a chron's survivor look me up You can also check out my website if you want to learn anything about fishing. Thanks again
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I can't decide which line I like more--the awesome muscle mass or the fishing for hot girls.
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Yeah, me too Hi Denisk, welcome and glad you found the forum. I think you're going to be quite a character on here!! Well, I'm sorry you had to find out the hard way, but really glad to hear you pulled through and or on the way up again. I think your story is a really good warning to people ( like me ) who avoid going to the doc's if I can, but it just shows what damage can be done if you ignore Crohn's type symptoms so thanks for posting your story.
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Hiya Denisk
and welcome

That's a big fish you've pulled there! You'll have no problems pulling the girls!
Glad you're feeling better now tho, enjoy the forum!
lotsa luv
Joan xxx


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Hi Denis and welcome!

You and your sense of humor will fit in just fine around here!

Glad you are feeling better. Are you on meds? How are you managing your disease? Glad you finally decided to start taking care of yourself!

- Amy
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Jeez, you ignored symptoms for 10 years?! I am floored! But I am so happy that putting off treatment didn't hurt you in the long run and you're doing so well now. Like Amy, I am curious as to what treatment/meds you take? Whatever it is, I hope it keeps working and has you feeling good for years and years! Welcome to the forum!

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I'm taking Pentasa now I think 5oog 8x and also iron and calcium sups. I was on prendisone and flagyl to start with while in the hospital and I was only on the pres for about 2.5 months and the flagly for about 1 month and those where the shittiest days. I have so many horror stories from 1 month I can write 3 books and they would make you laugh cry and everything inbetween.
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Hi welcome

Glad you did find the forum! Pentasa can be helpful for a lot of people. I took it but it did not make a huge impact for improvement. I am glad that you are feeling well though and that this keeps things in tact for you!

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