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Fecal donor info.

Hello, I am new here, and am researching having a Fecal Donor for myself. My NP introduced me to the concept and feels I am a good candidate. I have Candida, but am lacking to primary fugi. He is also researching it and wants to be a donor, but it's very expensive to have the testing done for himself to become a donor. He says I can find my own, so i am wondering if anyone has experrience in this and how much this process would cost.

I have been very ill for a long time, and he really feels this is an answer, cleaning up my GI track.

Any guidance is appreciated, thank you!!
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From what I read, the best donor is someone in your household.....I've only done a minimal research on it, but that is what I read.

Very interesting, and odd treatment, but if it works. Keep us posted.
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Yes, I did see that but I don't have a good donor in the house unfortunately.
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Yes, I'm interested in this too.
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Yes, please keep us posted! This alternative treatment is oddly fascinating to me.

Good luck finding a donor! -Amy
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If I find something I will let post it here!! It's seems not proving easy. I did ask my NP to help me. He will be a donor for me, but he doesn't want to pay for all the testing now. Not sure what he will do. I know he would like to see how I do with it, may be worth his investment!!

Fecal Transplant:

LOL!! Love that icon!

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