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Jeff D.
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Weird symptoms

Okay I started volleyball and ever since I started I have been having a "mini flare" which is what I call it. My dad had a stomach bug the week before I started v-ball and now i have been having diahrea for the past two weeks only to stop on Friday and become constipation and feeling like stuff will come out but nothing comes out. The thing is that I am always hungry and just keep eating. I have gained five pounds since starting v-ball after losing about ten in a few months, I lost that because I was not eating much and not really excercising. I am wondering if anyone else have had this problem. I am buying bee propolis tomorrow, along with flinstone complete multi's, and will start taking acidopholus again. Hopefully this will help. I have not been taking a multi in a while and my GI dietician said that the flinstone chewables are great for people of all ages.

Thanks for replies.

I just don't understand whats going on. I am getting depressed again and having problems with that. My mom thinks I should talk to a psych but my dad doesn't and I am just confused. I don't want to take anti-depressents again after my bad experiance. Also I have never read anything like what is going on. No abdominal pain. A little tiny bit of mucus before stuff actually comes out and no blood.

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Keep your head up. Check with your GI if you are concerned at all about your symptoms. Never wait for them to get severe, a lesson many of us have learned the long way around.
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Jeff D.
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Thanks I will let my GI know soon.
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I've had this before Jeff, or similar anyways. I have crohns and have never lost blood from my back end other than when I had the fistulas and then it was nothing to write home about. I generally have more mucous. Things are different for me right now naturally as I have the stoma, but I would regularly swap from from D to C. And after being C, I could sit on the loo for what seemed like an age, as the feeling of needing to go just didn't seem to stop. It seems though Jeff, that lately you've been quite down, you've mentioned in quite a few posts how fed up you are at the mo. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to talk to someone, it may ease the tension and help you relax a little more and put a stop to this mini flare before it becomes a big one. Keep your chin up, and keep us posted.

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Jeff D.
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Thanks for the words. I think I probably should talk to someone but my friend almost got hospitalized in a crazy unit last week because he hated his life and I pretty much have the same thing. I just don't want to have that happen to me right now.
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Nancy Lee
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Jeff...I doubt very much you would be hospitalized in the crazy unit for expressing to your doctor about your depression.

I would hazard a guess that most Crohn's patients are depressed from time to time or on a regular basis.

It seems to go with the disease and the loss of control of what we would be rather doing or feeling at the moment.

Perhaps your doctor could prescribe an anit-depressant for you.

And please...write what you're feeling down...ok?
I find that really helps.

Heart hugs~Nancy
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I get mucous from time to time, sometimes I even have it come out with nothing else. My doctor always asked me if I was seeing mucous in my stool, so yeah, let your doc know.
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Hi Jeff:
Hang in there, but do talk to someone. After four attempt due to depression Please get someone to talk to. Your dad may have and may need more help then just talking. If your depressed, even mild you need to talk to someone who can help. Depression is just like any other illness the sooner you get the help you need the better. Jeff, you sound like a mild case. Please do what your mom suggest. If your dad goes to the hospital thats where he needs to be. Trust me I have been there, it's what saved my life.
Good luck with volley ball, keep active and hang in there.
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Hey Jeff... Take it from an old f.... ellow, depression is not something to dismiss. A depression is just another illness, and if you let it take root, and not seek treatment, it can bloom into something far worse. Do the smart thing, and nip that puppy in the bud. see your GP, or GI, or any other doctor in the yellowpages.
The 'docs' all say the jury is still out on whether depression is linked to crohns as a cause, but no one with crohns or any other serious IBD has not suffered from a bout of depression. Or more.. Anyone who thinks that you can deal with crohns & depression without seeking help needs to get their own head on straight. It's a double whammy, and it doesn't make sense to say.. "Well, I'll just see my doc for the crohns' and let the depression take care of itself". It just doesn't work that way

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Hi Jeff, even being on remicade and having this wonderful remission - I still have strange symptoms. i have mucus and rare other toilet issues. I just keep calling my gi and leave a message w/ the recep. I just keep them posted if i am really concerned about my symptoms - like random vomiting (and i'm not pregnent).
i have depression too - it is not something to be ashamed of. my bf doesn't understand. i tried to come off the anti depressents to save money and i really did feel fine - but then every little thing i was on the verge of tears. it was rediculous. and i have had mild chronic depression since i was 13 (now 27) - of course crohn's broght it to a new level.
i know it is hard - hang in there. you are a strong guy.

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Jeff D.
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Thanks everyone about the words and Tomohio its me who's afrraid of going to the hospital not my dad.

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