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um.. imuran, and fever, and tylenol?

well.. i seem to start noticing something...
I'm on imuran, along with many other meds. pentasa too which together they interact and make my imune system even lower. but anyways, i've had bad allergies where i sneeze 7 to 10 times in a row ever so often sometimes not stoping for a good few minutes. And its built up to where i think i have a sinus infection now. a massive one compared to what i'm used to. and possibly a ear infection in the making as it hurts off and on and i can't hear out of it.
also my chest aches off and on.. but im not sure whats that about.. i just had a chest xray last night and it came back okay. all my blood works came back okay and everything else but they only treated me for dehydration due to my main issue and reason for going was cause i was fainting and had other issues that were tied into with the dehydration.
I have a doc appointment as soon as i could get in, next week.
but what im wondering is, if anyone has ever noticed that when they take tylenol their fever goes up?
Cause tylenol is relieving my headache and pain and soar throat due to the sinus infection, but after i take it my fever goes from 99 and 100 to 102 and now 103.7 ..
but when i dont take it, i feel much or sick and ichy and like i dont want to do anything but lay in bed and even that sucks.. but for hours after not taking tylenol my fever will just stay in the 99 and 100 range and not go up to 102 and 103..
Anyone else have this weird issue or even know what might be going on? o_O

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Crohn's Disease Forum » Treatment » Imuran/Azathioprine/6-MP » Um.. imuran, and fever, and tylenol?
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