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advice plz

hi there im new to this my mum has had crohns for over 20 years and has a stoma.shes never been out of remission but she coped from day to day. then in feb she got up one morning and couldnt walk she was diagnosed with ostiparophis and the docs said she had an air line fracture to her pelvis hense the pain and whyshe couldnt walk.... she now had a problem with thick blood??? she is very worried about this and so am i she is waiting to see the specialist but i was wondering does any body else have any problems likes this? thank you
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Hi Laura, to the forum! I am sorry your mom is suffering so, and I have not had her problem but I know of someone who does and the pain is really bad. There are many here with a stoma and possible the same problem as your mom. Glad you found this forum because everyone is very supportive and helpful. Very wonderful of you to come on here for her!
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Welcome Laura! I have not had this issue, but hopefully someone will pop in this thread with experience and advice. I hope your mother can see the specialist soon and figure out what is going on and get her well. Hang in there!

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Hi Laura - Sorry to hear about the problems your mom is having.

Has she been now or in the past on prednisone for a long time? Long term pred use can cause osteoporosis.

What other meds is she on? I hope she and you can get to the bottom of all these issues and she starts to feel better soon!

- Amy
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I hope your mom's fracture heals. Is she taking anything for the osteoporosis?

Are they thinking the "thick blood" is related to a disease process? Sometimes as people get older their blood needs to be thinned, it is not necessarily indicative of disease. They do have to take blood thinners, sometimes for and extended amount of time.

I hope your mom sees the specialist and they get her on a treatment plan that gets her feeling better soon! My thoughts are with you both.

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