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Guts and Glory Diet for IBD

Has anyone tried Rubin's Guts and Glory Diet?
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Teenie said:
Has anyone tried Rubin's Guts and Glory Diet?
I'm following the Makers Diet and it is really NOT hard at all..........well ok it is if you like to eat sweets! LOL

But you start out doing the Brasco Broth for about 2 weeks and that I actually found really yummy and not to hard to cook up. If you like homemade chicken soup then you'll like this.
It can be pricey as you really need to try and buy fresh organic foods, but have to say that he does suggest in the book that if you can't find or afford to buy all the organic veggies than frozen will work too. The organic meat is super pricey so I get it when I can and then I will buy very lean cuts of red meat to substitute and even though the red meat takes longer to digest it doesn't seem to cause any pain or flareups when I eat it.

I ordered his books through they have helpful info and also have all the supplements too, which I'm not 100% sold on as I haven't really noticed that they've done anything positive for my Crohn's yet, but maybe just need more time.

I've lost 12 lbs. so far though!!
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I'm going to try and go on an elemental diet for two weeks and I'm undecided which diet to slowly progress into afterward. Does the Maker's Diet (aka Guts and Glory Diet) really work well for anyone? I've heard mixed results for the SC Diet also. I do like the Brasco Broth though. It is yummy. I've also tried the supplements and felt no effects. From what I'm reading, I'm getting the impression that you need to reduce the inflammation alot to really feel the effects of some of the supplements. Especially the probiotics. The supplements I've been taking haven't been helping the inflammation like I thought they would. After the elemental diet I'm thinking of doing a mixture of diets. A little bit of this...a little bit of that. Simply, listening to my gut.
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I've read most diet books related to Crohn's and here are some of my ideas:

I just read the Guts and Glory book. It's very interesting and basically goes the same direction as other books like the "Specific Carbohydrate diet" and "the Inflammation Syndrome diet" and "Life Without Bread".

They all advocate a low carb diet, no grain if possible and lots of lean meats, vegetables and moderate fruit intake. Also a balance of fats is very important.

The problem with me is that vegetables don't suit my system much, and if I don't eat grains I lose weight and have no energy. Also fruits give me bloating and gas sometimes.

And for the Guts and Glory, it becomes more difficult as it's impossible to get the food items he states (e.g chicken feet!!!!!). Also in my country it's impossible to find grass fed meat and organic food.

So I'm trying more or less to find the best diet I can seem to handle. I eat lots of chicken breasts, fish, boiled vegetables (mainly carrots, zuchinis, string beans and a little spinach or celery), peeled vegetables moderately (bananas, pears, peaches, melons, strawberries....), yoghurt and little cheese,white basmati rice and a little white bread. When I want something sweet, I eat a little bit of honey or dark chocolate. I can't say that I don't sometimes cheat, but I try to stick with it as much as possible. I also take a multivitamin and fish oil.

I'm also afraid to stop my meds, even if I'm in remisssion, as my doctor says meds are what keeps us in remission and extends it's time. I'm currently on Imuran and Pentasa.

I think sticking to the diets in the books is very difficult, but if somebody did it I wish they tell us how..... Also were you able to stop the meds and stay in remission with diet alone? what supplements do you take?

Just a final note: I also read other diet books for IBD like "What to Eat with IBD" and "The New Eating Right for a Bad Gut". Both are written by certified nutrionists. Both don't state that grains or carbs should be reduced, but emphasize more on foods that irritate the intestines, and others that are easier to eat. And both authors say thet you should keep taking to your meds, but maybe you can reduce them a little bit with time.
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Hey Mazen,

Sorry to hear you can't find certain products. I've been blessed with living in a city with many cultures and lots of food variety. From what I'm reading organic food is better, but not mandatory, and chicken broth is still good for the belly without the chicken feet. Plus buying organic is alot more expensive. The large grocery stores in my area are finally purchasing organic foods and making them a little more affordable for me.
I recently went off my meds (Asacol), since I'll be starting my elemental diet this week. They weren't helping me anyway. I truthfully feel like I got worse on them, but my crohns isn't as bad as others though. I don't know how I would feel about going off meds if my condition was more severe.
The Makers Diet has some sound logic behind it, especially the fermented foods. I've recently tried some cultured foods just to see if I can stomach them. Their a required taste, but definately doable. All it takes to stick to a diet like this is "will power". You gotta want your health enough.
I've started keeping a food diary. (My diet is very simular to yours expect I eat alot more fruit.) The one product I've found that actually helps my stomach alot is Kefir. Unfortunately, not well enough to put me in remission. Recently I came across Kombucha (a cultured chinese tea). Kombucha has lots of probiotics, amino acids, enzymes and antioxidants, and it might be something inexpensive you can order from the web. I also drink lots of smoothies (mostly everything I have now a days is in liquid form). One of my favorites is a green smoothie, with Dandalion Roots, Mangos and Bananas. Green smoothies give me lots of energy. The only problem is I never have time to make them. Have you tried your vegetables in liquid form? For the most part I don't consume too many grains, and I can't really tell if that is making a difference or not.
All the supplements I take are liquid......Multivitamins with minerals, cod liver oil (taste awful), oil of wild oregano, aloe juice etc....
I've read all the books I can get my hands on. A few contradict each other, and it's hard to decide who to believe. I've always been in tune with my body and I know what it needs. It's just doing it that's the difficult part.
Anyway, I'll be starting my elemental diet Wednesday (will see how much "will power" I have then) and after slowly weaning myself off of it, I'm going to incorporate the Makers Diet and the Specific Carb Diet. Wish me luck. I need it.
I just keep on saying to myself....What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.
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Hi Teenie. Wow, you really have strong will power to eat only liquids! I wish you all the luck and hope you achieve remission soon.

For me I have been in remission now for almost 2 years (with some minor flare ups that last few days or a week); before that I was hospitalized 3 times and had a bowel obstruction. So, as I'm in remission, I'm afraid to stop any meds and risk it. Although I'm very concerned about the long term effects.

Hopefully one day, I'll take that risk, and achieve remission on diet alone.

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