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Skin problems

Does anyone here have any skin problems like Exczema, pshoriasis etc?

how do you treat it? i have it all over my head at the minute..which i usually get if my stomach is playing up. ive been given Betnovate to put on but it burns a little

any tips?X
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Hi Laura, I know of a few who have both, and they come and go with stress or flares. They have used steroid creams, for exczema some use head and shoulders shampoo around the areas. Of course in the shower and rinse it off. If it persists I would see a derm or doctor. Good luck.
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My spouse uses the (expensive) shampoo and conditioner called Nioxin.

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the stuff ive got is a cortacosteroid(?) takes a while to work so i hope it starts soon ! i dont know how long to leave it to wait for it to work though

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Laura - I have developed skin problems, have a couple of different topical creams to treat it - steroids.....I see improvement within hours usually.....you do need to use it regularly.

If you have a shampoo specifically for treating it, hopefully you will see improvement in a day or two - remember though if you have a lot of dry skin, it may take a bit for that to go away/work its' way off your body.

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I use Head and Shoulders, the original one-can't stress that enough! The other formulas actually seem to irritate my scalp-it's probable the other ingredients in it. If you use conditioner too, use HS as well, kind of a double dose.

Dove is the only bath soap I can use. I also use Gold Bond lotion-the kind in the orange bottle, no frills but clears it up for me, without the burning of the creams the doctor prescribes. Emu oil helps alot,too, very healing, anti inflammatory although some people object to using animal based products.

I know it's frustrating when your skin reacts, but patience and consistant use of basic products is the only thing that works for me. Best wishes!


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Im going to buy some original head and shoulders if polytar doesnt work. the steroid lotion burns,,, but i think it burns when its trying to heal? because wher ei had it at the front of my scalp quite bad it seems to have cleared up alot. im so happy now to work on the back of my head and ears! xx

thank you for your help x
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Emu oil helps alot,too, very healing, anti inflammatory although some people object to using animal based products.
I just ordered some Emu oil. Never heard of it! I have tried everything under the sun for my skin problems, which I have been suffering on my hands for well over 20 years, and since long before I got IBD. The only thing that helps the itching is steroid creams, but they thin my skin and then it cracks and then I have itching AND open cracks. Ugh!

I found LipoHydroDerm, which heals the cracks quickly but I just can't get this skin thing under control. But I figure better on my hands than in my gut!

I'll let you know how the Emu oil works out - thanks for the tip!

- Ames

PS Good price at Puritan's Pride. I also ordered some Rhodiola Rosea and Krill Oil, all which I learned about on this forum!
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It sounds like we have the same thing on our hands. I get little blister type things and then they burst and then dry up and peels and I get little fissures which hurt... (like little paper cuts everywhere). I have only used topical steroids and noticed the thinning. If the emu oil works, please let me know
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I just posted a new thread about this and then saw this one - I've got skin issues on my hands as well, it looks like athlete's foot. Have you guys ever had anything like that on your hands? It's just between the pinky & ring finger on my left hand, it's like the skin is peeling and cracking. It looks just like when I had athlete's foot on my toes years ago. Has anyone tried any type of athlete's foot cream for their hands? Or should I try something else since the hands are a bit more delicate & sensitive than the feet?
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might want to go to your GP and get them to check it out. Might be athletes foot..might be eczema.. two different treatments

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