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Life can suck

I am new this forum and I do like some of the thing I have read, it has been helpful. Famliy and DR's said I should try to reach out more and quit be so suclusive, So I will try a little.
I am not the type of person to let very many people in to my world when it
comes to talking about health, for that fact anything. I was diagnossed 10 years ago in the military (US Army) which with the injurys just add to the problems, and lead me to be Medical retired (discharged or how ever you look at it Honorably though) lead to what I thought the end of me.
I thought doing what I did in there this couldn't be that bad to deal with but even years latter its been hard and only getting worse.
I had VA doctors tell me for 3 years that it was all in my head and send me home, (even after going in to the ER a puking blood all over, then they would give me Tylonal this was numerous time like this) well I did transfere to a differant VA hospital and they found that it was far worse. In NOvember (2010) They put me back on Remicade and it almost killed me with a medical reaction which lead to surgery in Febuary and found that blockage and infection was bad. Surgen later told us I was lucky becouse I had appendisdes as well and I would have never known becouse the crohn's was making me so sick.
There are very few meds I can take Steroids make me go nuts
Nerve damage and the meds I take for that makes take other meds impossible which lead to mussels in the bladder to shut down.
Well this just some of the things I don't won't to tell my life story that would take a couple books and I am luck to have said this much.
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Welcome to the board Airborne. I understand your frustration with the military health system and the VA. I'm active duty Army. I got diagnosed in 2008 after many years of having symptoms and doctors telling me nothing was wrong. I finally had an obstruction and that lead to a diagnosis of Crohns. So I have been in the Army 19 years and now they are sending me to a Medical Board following having a couple of trips to the ICW with pulmonary emobli. I am not going without a fight. I know how the system can use us and when we are no longer an asset does not want to do what is right. The system is getting better but it still seems to a fight to get a fair shake sometimes.

If your not getting the care you need at the VA don't take it laying down. You served your country and now have earned the right for the VA to provide you with world-class medical care. If they are not, complain. The VA has patient reps, ombudsman and other people available to ensure that you receive the care you need. Also, you can contract the VFW and request assistance. The VFW has free help for veterans and can be very helpful when the VA does not want to do the right thing.
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Hey Airborne and welcome!

You've really been thru a lot! Thanks for sharing with us. We will listen to anything here and there is always someone that has been thru exactly what you are going thru so you are not alone. Thanks for choosing our forum to reach out!

There is a lot of information on here about different meds and a lot of knowledgeable people with good info and advice so if you ever have questions, just ask! If you don't feel comfortable posting information, most members here would be happy to talk with you via private message.

- Amy
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Airborne - I'm new here too but I wanted to say welcome. I'm sorry you have been treated so badly and are suffering. Keep pushing those doctors to help you because everyone here knows it isn't all in your head.

To Airborne and GI Joe - thank you for your service.
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Hi Airborne and welcome! I was apprehensive to join the forum, but it has helped me so much. I have learned quite a lot and have become more comfortable about talking about my health. I hope it will help you as much as it has helped me. And as Amy said, if you would be more comfortable, private message people instead of writing on the boards. But I hope I do get to see you around!!

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I am still sick and so confused...
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Hi Airborne,
Thanks for sharing. I was also very secretive for many years in my 20's and 30's. I guess I wanted to be strong, and not sick. Well, now in my 40's, I'm an open book and all can read about here!

There is no right or wrong - but sharing sure feels good. I think I had a bit of denial going on in the past. That sure did me no good - but that's another story.

The good thing about this forum is it can be so anonymous. Post a pic or not, real name or not. A real easy way to share.

Well, good to meet you and I hope we hear more from you.
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