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Hello Everyone
I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease about 12 years ago. I'd probably had it for much longer but until then the doctors presumed it was IBS and was only discovered when I moved towns and went to a different doctors who referred me to the hospital for tests. I've had a seton fitted to help prevent perianal abscesses (of which I used to get lots) and am currently not on any medication. I have recently had another colonoscopy (my 4th) and this time they found that my entire anal canal has narrowed considerably (they had to use a childs scope for the colonoscopy and said there was only just enough room for this) and my entire bowel and anal canal are very inflamed. I've been passing red blood and mucus for the last 2 months which is why they did the latest colonoscopy and they are currently considering an appropriate course of action to prevent further narrowing and calm the inflamation. They've also taken biopsies of which they are waiting for the results of. I just wondered if anyone had any similar experiences or any ideas of what they might suggest as a next step. I've consulted a nutritionist myself and am increasing my fluid intake and going to start juicing to get in more nutrients. I'm also hoping to start a family with my husband (although we've had some problems and been referred for fertility treatment - not started yet though) but also concerned as to whether this is now going to be possible. Sorry to waffle on about all this but I've been worried about what will happen now if things are that narrow inside and of course worrying and crohns disease are not a good mix!
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Hi Bluebell and welcome! I am sorry to hear your colonoscopy revealed so much inflammation. However, good thing this was discovered, so it can be addressed.

Obviously, you will need to start medication to treat the inflammation. Did your doctor discuss any treatment options with you? What did you take in the past that worked for you? I hope you whatever your doctor and you decide on does the trick. And remember, even if you start feeling 100%, keep taking your medication. This will help keep you well and help avoid future flare ups.

Have you discussed starting a family with your GI? This may influence his treatment suggestions for you. Also, check out the Pregnancy & Crohn's sub-forum for loads of good info.

Keep us posted!!

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Hi bluebell, wanted to welcome you to the forum. I dont have any knowledge, just kind words, thoughts and prayers. I do hope they find a solution for you quickly

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Thank you for your support and very kind words. It's so lovely to have a place to discuss this with people that understand.
In answer to your question Jill, I've only ever been on metranidazole for short periods before (to treat abscesses) and have problems coping with high dosages of this as too strong a dose makes me very ill. I was on mercaptapurine before but was advised to come off this by my GP due to wanting a family. My consultant was going to consider what is the best course of action and will let me know shortly.
I'll keep you posted.
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Hi Bluebell and welcome!

There are a lot of treatment options out there that you can try. Has your doc put you on prednisone to tide you over until you can get on something stronger? That would be the quickest way to deal with the inflammation until you can agree on a course of treatment.

Good luck with everything, including your plans to start a family!

- Amy
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Hi Bluebell,
It does sound like you need the big gun drugs - Humira or Remicade. And like Any said, maybe Pred to get things calmed down quickly while the Biologic drugs above work. They can take time.

I had most of my Crohn's issues in the same location as you, so getting that inflamation under control is so important.

My wife and I also had fertility issues (nothing to due with Crohn's) - we adopted two amazing girls from China, and while waiting for the 2nd adoption she got pregnant with my son. Go figure! Infertility docs said her tubes were blocked - um - guess not. This was many years after 4 failed IVF sessions, etc. The whole point - keep trying!
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