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Help! never been educated on diet for people with IBD

My wife has had crohn's since 2000, and was bad at first, but with the aid of Pentasa and Entocort it been liveable for her to a degree, bad days, good days. Recently had to be admitted to the hospital for a couple days to get it under control again. She also has acid reflux which she takes Nexium for, I added that because it may reflect the answer to my question. What kind of diet has worked for you, breakfast,lunch,diner and even snacks? Oh yeah limit the dairy(another issue) as most doctors I believe don't really know, they guess, and even those who claim to know, contradict the next doc who claims to ba an expert. So what I'd like if possible, what has worked for you, I'm sure there are alot of previous post that might be helpful, but hopfully this thread won't be to redundant or repetative as I just want to help my wife get her life back on track. I understand not every diet will work for everyone the same, just looking for some past experiences. She's 47 years old if that makes any differences. Thanks for all who will read and post to this. God Bless. Rich
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Hey Rich.. Every case is different, and your best bet is to see a nutrition counselor. In my particular case, I'm on a low fat, low fibre, low residue, hi protein diet.. For example, a typical healthy diet recommends limiting fat to 30%, I try to limit mine to 5 - 10%.. I can't eat many fresh fruits or veggies... usually an over-ripe banana, or canned/frozen veggies that have been overcooked (to mush)
I followed (and still do) my diet regimen religiously (as if my life depended upon it)
YET still had a major flare-up this past November. I also avoid or limit my intake of any processed sugars (sucrose, glucose, maltose, dextrose, and esp. lactose) by substituting honey as a sweetener. I avoid products with lactose (cheese, milk, & even some medications/supplements - it's commonly used in pills as a filler/binder)
I eat a lot of chicken (skinless, boneless, boiled/broiled/grilled or bbq'ed), tuna, a lot of eggs, ham (it's lower in fat than a lot of other meats, esp chicken or turkey bacon).. I've learned to read/check the fat content of just about every food item I buy. Nut's, seeds, berries, popcorn, chocolate, etc., are all on my do not eat list. I could go on and on, BUT every case is different.. See a dietician or nutritionist, OK?

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Hi Rich
And welcome to the forum.
So sorry to hear about your wife.
Like kev says everyones body reacts different
to special diets.
My diet works well for me but, may not for her.
I am on the RAB diet(which is rice,apples and bananas)
Some are on the BRAT diet (which is bananas. rice, apples and toast)
My body does not tolerate toast very good.
It is a matter of trial and error.Introduce one type of food for
one week to see if it works or doesn't work.
If it works try and add something else and so on...
I would also speak to a dietitian they can be quite helpful.
Also I cant eat no dairy products, seafood or pork
and my list goes on and on...
Hope this is some help to you.
Some meds I can't tolerate are Oscal-500 I just found that out
made my D worse and especially calcium pills any form or shape.
I have tried every kind of calcium pill on the market, I think and
I just get worse pain and the big "D"
I eat mostly chicken and fresh or frozen veggies yogurt some red meat
the RAB diet and a few other things.

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Thanks for the quick replies, my wife say arrrgh!! any other experiences welcome! I knew this wasn't going to be easy, but as far as a dietician goes, haven't found any yet with any real experience with crohn's.
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Hi my name is Vicky im 21 and i live in lincoln, UK. (Please bear with me as iv never been on a forum before, (infact ive never spoke to anyone with crohns before!) so there might be a few mistakes, il probably post this in the wrong place!))
I couldn't help but want to reply as soon as i read about other people on the elemental diet, as everyone i speak to has never heard of anything like it, or even crohns for that matter! I first went on it in 2004 when i was 18 as a last attemp before i was due to have a colostomy, and within 2 weeks i was amazingly better!! I had (and still have) a rectal abces that was out of control and nothing else worked. My doctors had never really tried it on patients before as there research told them it only really worked in infants.
Because it worked so well i stayed (very happily) on it for 7 1/2 months. And within that time i became a different pearson! After i began to have food again and remained well for a couple of years.
Unfortunately i recently had a flare up and decided to go straight back on the drinks, so ive now been on them for 16 days! (and finding it more difficult!!!) Im just hoping the cravings will go away soon, i actually cried last night coz food is just tormenting me! lol! So has anyone else noticed if the cravings do go away, does it get easier? as last time i was so happy to be able to just walk out of my house, i didnt care about food, whereas this time i wasnt as ill to begin with so its all more of an issue!
Thank you for taking the time to read this!

PS Hello Jak, how come you can have the soup? Im only allowed the drinks, water and foxes glacier mints. Well done too!
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One reason to avoid dairy products is because of the possible presence of Mycobacterium Avian subspecies paratuberculosis in milk.

This bacteria has been found in pasturized milk and could also be in other milk products.

It is not conclusive whether this bacteria is actually is involved with Crohn's but it is a suspect.

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Hi and welcome. I don't tend to stick rigidly to a diet as such as I have relapses in will power but sometimes I suffer badly for that lol
What I do tend to stay away from though is, milk (in excess - I drink it in tea and coffee), red meats (just can't digest them), rich sweets, cakes, spicy foods, tomato based foods (causes acid reflux) and I eat planty of veg but not in 1 sitting, causes too much gas. Other then those few things, I eat pretty much normally. I have however had surgery within the last 9 months though and currently have a stoma so that obviously helps. I have the bad times to come again when I have my reversal op (oh joy!!!!)
I still drink alcohol in moderation, even though I am taking Imuran as I enjoy a drink occassionally and usually feel fine afterwards. The one thing I do regularly though, is rest, I get a good nights sleep every night and try to get a nap most afternoons, and stressful situations - well, I walk away from them. Hope this helps a little. Keep us posted on your wifes progress.

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Everyone is very individual on diet restrictions. . . I cut out milk almost entirely unless it is frozen or cooked in hopes of reducing the MAP possibilities. I can eat anything but veges and fruit -- though once in awhile I can get by with a little bit. I have recently discovered mangoes and they work great. I suppose the amount of fiber is the key . . . We all flounder around until we find the treatment and diet that makes us feel OK. Try a food diary that records what is eaten and what the results are physically. After awhile, you have what you need to know.

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