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fistula/fissure? advice

ok I don't know which is the proper term. my cousin has just had colectomy surgery leaving her with an ileostomy (this bit I do know about as I'm having it done in 2 weeks) she has developed a fistula/fissure? between her small intestine and her stomach, so food gets part way round then ends up back in her stomach, she took a reaction to the morphine and ended up being sick, she ended up bringing up 'poo' they wont let her leave hospital till she has been through her stoma. it's been two weeks now and nothing, she's geeting very bloated. normal docs should be back tomorrow, but I'm really worried about her, and wonder how they'll solve this.
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Hey Meardonna

Sounds like a fistula to me. Fistulas tend to start draining into the routes they create. I've only had external fistulas so I'm not sure what they can do for her, but I'm absolutely certain that the doctors should be able to plug the fistulas.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful, but having the doctors come through and having a look at her will be helpful. It might require a visit again from the surgeon before she's allowed to return home.

Wishing both of you well.
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From my understanding of Fistula's, this will require surgery. I think if two organs are connected there is no other solution. I currently have a fistula from my join but it just leads into an abcess in the abdomen. I think i may be able to avoid surgery as i had a course of antibiotics to clear up the abcess, although im not sure.

I expect she will be nil by mouth at the moment so hopefully it wont get worse, surgery complications are often given priority. Had the fistula developed before the surgery or as a result of it?

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when I saw her yesterday she was still trying to eat as they won't let her home till she#s passed stools. but she's feeling bloated and looking pregnant, and doesn't feel like eating as she feels full.

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