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I thought what shall i eat today.The wife reminded me i had not eaten allday.
So i have a boiled chicken sandwich i get half way through eating it and need an emergency loo visit.Not to be too crude but i am bleeding again this bleeding has happened a lot lately and the Hospital said at my last visit make an appointment asap if you have probs.
So i call the hospital to make an appointment.I could not believe the date they offered me November what the hell ?
If i call the Doctors i am lucky if i can get an appointment within a fortnight unless i see the duty doc.
I think i may go to the vets at least my dogs get seen straight away and maybe the vet will have a quick look at me.
I know the NHS is stretched but we are not talking about an ingrowing toe nail i have been diagnosed with cronic Crohns surely they can do better than November.I am going to complain to the Hospital in writing.Rant over untill the next time.
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Nancy Lee
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That problem seems to be happening a lot,
and in most countries as well.
I'm so sorry you are going through this.
How about a trip to the emergecy room??

Can you go there and wait to see a doctor on call
and then tell him/her that you were told to go in asap if this happened?

Keeping my fingers crossed that you get the help you need.

Healing hugs~Nancy
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