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sore tongue....

well- for the past few days, I've had a sore spot on my tongue, near the tip- it looks like a taste bud is swollen???? Nothing really obvious except when taking a really close look.

Anyone ever have something similar? This is REALLY ANNOYING!!!!!

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Hey L, EJ used to get them often until he started taking extra B-vitamins. Now they are very rare for him.
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yes, I know the feeling. I made sure I didnt have anything acidic...no juice or tomatoes .. which I am sure your tongue would have let you know. I was told to gargle with salt water.. I did but it still took awhile. Dex probably has the right answer....
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I have had them occasionally in the past. If they got really irritating, I would put Orajel on them. I found they only lasted for a couple of days and then it went away.


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I had one of those and woke up the next day and couldn't open my mouth, i had candida of the mouth.

Complete nightmare. i will spare you the nightmares, but get it seen to, just to be sure.

Sorry if i gave you a bit of a fright but, seriously, worst six months of my life.

Good luck !!
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I have issues with my tongue. I don't get sores, however, it feels swollen and tight. It was quite bad when I was first diagnosed that it was almost difficult to speak. My GI nor an ENT doctor could explain it. Very odd...

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