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Experiences with Asacol?

I know everyone's experiences are different and Asacol is a pretty mild drug in the scheme of things, but I was hoping folks who have taken it would chime in with their reactions to it.

I have heard it can cause mineral deficiencies and the like and want to be prepared for that sort of thing just in case.

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Initially i was on it for a long time with no adverse reactions. I cant say whether it was effective on its own as administered with pred and azathioprine. I know it is thought much more effective for UC and less so for Crohns.

I would say it can be very effective and is low on the sides - i dont know of anyone whos had a bad reaction to it presumably because its a milder thing than say an immunosupressant or steroid.

Are you taking it orally - there are different preps depending on how its bound so that it targets different areas of the bowel and also then there are direct applications like enemas.

I took mesalazine 2g twice daily btw.
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I was on it from Nov 2010 till Feb 2011, had no problems with it , found it worked quite well for the first 2 months , then after that it lost it affectivness for some reason. I was on Pred as well that whole time. When i was admitted to hospital whilst i was on asacol my folic acid was low and i was put on tablets but i couldn't say wether that was due to the Asacol or the fact that i had bad D as i was in quite a bad flare. Im now on Imuran and Pred.
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I just started taking it.... 800mg TID. I will let you know how it goes. So far some mild cramping only. Did your doc tell you what times to take it?
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