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ASACOL and abdominal pain

Recently diagnosed with mild to moderate Chron's colitis. My doctor prescribed be ASACOL 400 mg 6 tablets a day. I am taking these pills since 3 weeks now.

Recently I started getting abdominal pain, which never experience before. My GI said, it could be because of ASACOL. Can someone dhare your experience with ASACOl.

I stooped taking since 3 days and don see pain coming back. If ASACOL is causing this problem , what would be the alternate drug for me. Worried :-(
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After my last colonoscopy my new doc changed me from salazapyrin to asacol , after a week i had bad pain in my stomach and very bad D ,

Back on salazapyrin for about a month and doing well , both meds are almost the same but asacol really did not agree with me
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The only issues I've had with Asacol is dizziness/vision issues. It's really strange and unnerving, but hard to figure out if it is vision or dizziness. I had to back off it, cut the dosing in half as I was getting very nervous driving.

Sorry I can't be more of a help, but thought I'd add my Asacol issues in as well.
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Two more days and I will be on it for a week so far no side effects. 9 pills a day spread out throughout the day. But I think that may be one of the side effects.
Its not so bad

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