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It was my last day of my months notice at work today.
Quite sad really i had been there quite a long time. But i could not stand the stress anymore i had been off sick quite a lot lately. This i felt was unfair to my colleagues. I was a senior member of staff so it was not easy for them to cover me.
I did receive a nice letter from the md saying they were sorry to lose me and they agreed my health was more important. They picked up the company car today and asked me to come in to the office tomorrow to say goodbye. I don't know why but i am quite nervous going back i haven't been there for two months.
It was such a difficult decision to make to leave work but my health comes first.
I still wonder if i was correct in taking the actions i have. My wife said i am a different man more calm and back to my easy going self. Only the future will tell. But at least i can spend more time with my daughter and my dogs love me being at home. I am sorry i had to put this in words i am so worried about my family's financial future.
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Jeff D.
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I wish you the best of luck in the future and you will be in my prayers.
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I hope you enjoy your time home. I am wrestling with the idea of quitting as well. I have a very stressfull upper management position and sometimes I think I need to just quit and try and relax. Luckily, I always get better right when I am about to give up.

Sounds like you have a very loving supportive wife. Make sure you thank her and don't forget to remind her that you appreciate her.

Good luck with everything.
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Hi Rattle,

I know its been a tough decision to make and you have major concerns but can I also say well done too? Wrestling within yourself as to what is best and what you can really realistically cope with is torture itself. It may well be that the complete break from work will help you get back to a level of work at a later date in a job with better hours/ less stress etc.

Personally I changed jobs almost a year ago and found it very very difficult to accept I needed to change. I loved the job I was in despite the high stress and physical exhaustion.

The difference for me has been I now work "flexi" hours and find early morning is best for me so I come into work 0700-0730. The days I am good I can do a bit more and the days I aint I can go home early! It has helped ernormously and my current boss told me to yell if I need to reduce my hours with starting azathioprine.

My reason for telling you is it can get better and you are not alone in your fight. I know I am not out of the woods by any means but I am "managing" at the minute. Just take each day as it comes Rattle and use it to rest and get improvement. I know its easier said than done but you will get there.

Thinking of you. Would offer to go halfs with walking the dogs too but am a bit far away! ;-) Enjoy your time with them and the family.


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