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Asacol and breastfeeding

I'm not sure this is the right place exactly, but it seemed the best fit.

Has anyone taken Asacol or its equivalents while breastfeeding? Hale's lists it as an L3 (on a scale of L1-L5). I got my script a week and a half ago but haven't started it yet as I'm waiting to talk to my midwife/ND.
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I took asacol while breastfeeding for 11 3/4 months. They switched me to that from Sulfasalazine (which is similar). Not sure why sulfa isn't safe for breastfeeding, but asacol supposedly is. Maybe the molcules are different sizes?
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I would take it, and keep a close eye on my baby for the first few days. I am a crunchy pro-breastfeeder though. I even run a support group. lol. Sick moms deserve to breastfeed, and their babies deserve breastmilk. I would not let this disease rob that from me (That is my own personal experience).

I also found this thread with different womens experiences on asocol while breastfeeding.

Here is what exactly L3 means. Its not the best rating but its not contraindicated either.
There are no controlled studies in breastfeeding women, however the risk of untoward effects to a breastfed infant is possible; or, controlled studies show only minimal non-threatening adverse effects. Drugs should be given only if the potential benefit justifies the potential risk to the infant.
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I use to take Asacol and my Dr recommended me stop it during pregnancy and said that if I planned to breast feed to not start it back bc like you said it's a class 3 drug. I chose not to breast feed bc I had already been off my meds the entire pregnancy.
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