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What's the best way to increase your calcium intake?

There is milk of course but I don't like to drink milk with crohn's.

I saw some water bottles have increased calciums, is this true or just a gimmick?


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I would have thought the most reliable route was to take a tablet that combined Calcium with Vitamin D. You need the Vitamin D to be able to absorb the Calcium. This is standard treatment for people at risk of osteoporosis.

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I just bought some calcium citrate/vitamin D vitamins. They are huge! Holy cow. I don't drink milk a lot but I try to drink calcium fortified orange juice. There are a lot of calcium rich foods but most of them are things we have trouble eating. http://www.iofbonehealth.org/patient...ich-foods.html
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I would take chewable supplements, as I feel they are absorbed more easily. All my supplements are chewable or gel capsules. When I was on Pred, I was prescribed Calcichew-D3 forte, which are chewable high dose calcium and vitamin D tablets.
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The mineral that needs to be taken so the Calcium can be used is Magnesium. Most normal people are deficient, so it is likely we are all deficient unless we make a point of getting enough.

Do not take Magnesium at the same time as Calcium. I use Magnesium Citrate as it is more easily absorbed.

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Thanks all. I'm going to look for those Calcichew-D3 supplements, should be able to get them here.
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I would think that they best thing you can do is try and eat foods that are fortified with calcium. If you can not do that then taking a vitamin is likely your best bet. You may need to talk to your Dr first. They can help you as if is best to take some vitamins in combination with others as they aid in the absorption.
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I loved having an open faced sardine sandwich on rice bread with sesame seeds on top (and raw chopped onions and garlic with spicy mustard). The sardines and sesame seeds have good natural calcium if you're able to digest food alright.

Effin gnarly breath afterwards, but so delicious and worth it. My body craves it
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Dan maybe you can elaborate on this because I'm bad at that part. But isn't it true that we cant absorb the type of calcium found in calcium chews or fortified foods such as milk and orange juice. Also that osteoporosis isn't prevalent throughout the world, the countries that consume the most milk and dairy are the ones with the highest rates of osteoporosis.
Ive even heard that milk is an "anti-calcium" it inhibits calcium absorptiion.

The best way to get calcium is with a well balanced diet, there are lots of foods with enough calcium in them, many vegetables, nuts and fish.
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If you are taking calcium additives of any sort and you're a caffeine freak be sure to drink plenty of water! You may end up in the hospital with some nasty kydney stones like i did I blamed mine on too much tea, my vitamins, and not enough H2O.
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