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Thanks, guys, this info.
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I have a few recommendations:

In the Kingdom of the Sick, by Laurie Edwards. It's a social history of chronic illness in the United States, and looks at how ideas and attitudes towards people with illness have evolved. I'm quoted a bit, but Laurie did a great job covering the full spectrum of chronic illness. It's amazing how much we have in common with people who have what are clinically very different diagnoses. (link deleted)

Know Your Rights, by Jennifer Jaff. This book helps folks with illness understand their legal rights, especially with regard to employment, education, disability, and insurance. Jennifer was a leading advocate for the rights of the sick and disabled, and helped push for the 2008 ADA restoration act. She died of Crohn's in 2012, and the advocacy organization she founded was renamed the Jennifer Jaff Center. <-- funds go to a non-profit, author is dead

I would humbly add my own book, League of Mortals, to the list. I wrote it to be the book I didn't have when I was first diagnosed - all the things I wish I had known or been told. It's a novel - a fictional semi-autobiography, but a lot of it is true.

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The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers (

Has anyone read this book? Was it any good?
Dx: Moderate-severe Ulcerative Colitis - June 2013

Current: Prednisone 40mg
Tried: Asacol, Lialda, Uceris, Prednisone, VSL#3, LDN, Hydrocortisone enemas, Canasa, L-Glutamine.
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The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers (

Has anyone read this book? Was it any good?
Hi chosen,

I just got through listening to this as an audio book while driving/working out. It was really good, and I highly recommend it. She goes over autoimmune diseases in general, which Crohn's has never been proven to be, but I still think a lot of the advice is helpful. Since Crohn's increases intestinal permeability, it does increase your risk of the types of autoimmune diseases Amy talks about.

I believe one of the nicest ways to obtain and experience this book is through the free trial. Just sign up for one month, get this book for free, and cancel within 30 days. No cost, and it's pretty easy.
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Thanks everyone for the resources!
This one's a short ebook, I have tried a lot of these solutions, and some really helped, others not so much, but there are days when I'm thankful for any little help I can get.

Alternative medicine for Crohn's disease from SC Schneider (on Amazon)
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Hello everyone,
I wanted to recommend a comic book that helped me with the mental and physical understanding that needs to complement Crohn's.
It is called "Carnet de santé foireuse" by Pozla. I think it is currently only available in French but I am intending to write the author and ask him to consider making translations available.
Having had Crohn's for over 13 years most of his story resonated, down to the minutest details of daily life and the frustration cycles that come with it.
So if you're having issues with the mental barriers that IBD diseases may bring, or the constant physical debilitations, or just want to see what a talented man diagnosed with Crohn's disease beautifully put together, then I would recommend it for you:

You can use Google translate on the Liberation article.
Disclosure: I received this comic as a birthday present from my partner and I read it in two days - in short, it's amazing. I haven't cried as much or felt so understood in all my life. Her understanding of the disease and having read it herself as well, and this author's deeply personal journey through the hell many of us have to experience.

Peace to all of you, brothers and sisters.
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Crohn's Colitis, Hemorrhoids, and Me-A patient's story of hope, humor and living with inflammatory Bowel Disease Kathlene J. O'Leary
Coping with Crohn's Disease The Pain and the Laughter- Sonia B. Glover
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The "The Plant Paradox" by Steven R Gundry. (2017) Powerful stuff! LOTs of info I never knew (and I have read a lot of books about different diets) with excellent research. He is renowned heart surgeon who developed transplant techniques and specializes in immune system. Some really compelling stuff on food and environmental factors that lead to leaky gut and compelling patient stories of people in his practice reversing various autoimmune diseases including Crohns by following his protocols. You can also find interviews of him on YouTube. I highly recommend! I control my Crohns with diet and supplements alone. Have done well so far. Good luck everyone!
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The Autoimmune Solution by Amy Myers (

Has anyone read this book? Was it any good?
Yes, Chosen, I have it right here. Got it from the library. It is good. I have already incorporated much of what she covers in my diet and lifestyle but I gleaned more good info on some things from her. Contains her diet plan and recipes.
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I have read most of the books suggested on this forum. They are all great- however, none of them address the true CAUSE of Crohn's disease. There is now insane amounts of research and information bringing to light the exact origin of this disease. I am a 15 year veteran of CD and until I really understood what caused it I was bound to toxic drugs. Check out Wake up to The Truth About Crohn's Disease on Amazon- its an eBook for $10. Tons of scientific data, research, cutting edge info, resources etc. Science has come a LONG WAY in past 5 years. CD is NOT an auto-immune disease, its an infectious disease.....specifically MAP (mycobacterium parataburculosis) bacteria. Countries other than the US are well aware of whats causing this epidemic to surge, and so is the US, but they are only interested in pharmaceutical sales, not announcing cures. When I began treating my CD like an infection I finally got better. The drugs were killing me. This book is priceless, your entire life will change after reading this book. I don't know where I'd be if my sister hadn't found this book. Spread the word!
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Forgot to mention- there is now a test for MAP, and a vaccine. It is totally can get better.
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"The Clever Guts Diet" by Dr Michael Mosley. This book isn't specifically IBD related, although there are some interesting segments on it, it's a great informative read about gut bacteria and the gut biome, I've had to go back and re-read it several times to try and absorb all the information
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The First Year: Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Jill Sklar
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and also great book:
Crohn's and Colitis Diet Guide: Includes 175 Recipes by Dr. Hillary Steinhart MD

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