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Anal fistula plug procedure

Happy joy joy I have another fistula! My doctor wants to try the plug procedure but I hear the success rates aren't that high if you have Crohn's Disease, or is that incorrect? I'm curious, has anyone here had an anal fistula and had the plug procedure done? What was your experience, how was recover, how much pain were you in? Thank you all!
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No, I've not had the procedure. Surgeons have assessed me a couple of times and when I woke up it had not been done as they decided it was not appropriate. I was told that the success rate was likely to be 30% to 40% in a Crohn's patient. However, this is considered a low risk procedure and is definitely worth trying. Day patient surgery with a quick recovery period.


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I had that done about 20 years ago - my Crohn's was undiagnosed at the time, but my GI says the surgeon should have known better and that repair was the incorrect way to treat the fistula. It has never come back, and I don't have any problems. For what that's all worth.
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I had a plug procedure done - did not work, as my surgeon did NOT pre medicate me with antibiotics. I developed infected abscess and plug was removed, then I was put on very strong IV antibiotics to clear infection, infection cleared up, but it also wiped out all the good bacteria in by gut and I ended up with c diff! 4 weeks on Flagyl cleared it up, but my belly never felt the same - cramps, and pain almost daily. Try medical options to heal fistula first - Remicade or Humera, cypro and Flagyl - they have been known to heal fistulas.

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I am also having the plug - this friday. My sergeon gives it a little better in the success rate department - she said it works about 60-75% of the time. I can't speak to pain and recovery, but I can let you know after Friday. I have been told from others that it is a similar recovery to a non-cutting seton proceedure - uncomforable for a few days but not too bad. She said I can go back to work the next day or day after. I can keep you posted!

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